Ahhhh, February 4. Such a momentous day. And it’s not just because Beyonce won the Super Bowl and Ray Lewis didn’t knife anyone when the lights went out (oh come on, you know you were thinking it, too).

This day is special to me for three reasons:

1. On Wednesday, February 4, 2009, I took home a dog that had been found in our neighborhood to “foster him” until his owner showed up or someone wanted to adopt him. Within an hour, I had named him Dewey. Within 48 hours, we were at the vet getting his shots. By the weekend, we were at the park taking pics like this:

dewey-and-meFour years later, he’s still the love of my life that drives me absolutely batshit crazy most days. Who needs a boyfriend?

2. On Friday, February 4, 2011, I received the amazing news that I had gotten the job as DailyCandy Atlanta editor. I screamed in my car, called my mom, then met Kate at the bar to celebrate (obvi). It has been such a wonderful experience and I could not love the company more. Visiting the NYC office this summer was awesome:
DCL to R: My friend Kelley, editors Larkin and Lauren, moi, and former Atlanta editor/now Everywhere editor Tiffany

3. Last year on Saturday, February 4, my cousin Scott and his lovely wife Ashli had a little girl named Grace and she’s actually the prettiest baby ever (obviously I’m partial, but like, she really is). This is the first baby in our family in a while (and the first of all the cousins), so it was especially special.
graceI mean, look at those lashes. I’m so jeal.

And now…I’m going to go eat some cake.


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  1. Congrats girl! Big day and so many reasons to celebrate. Grace is beautifu + Dewey, what a handsome lil pup.


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