International Get Busy Day, excuse me, VALENTINE’S DAY is one week away and if you have someone to show your heart (or hoo-ha) to, you’re probably thinking about what will showcase it best. I’ve picked out some of the sexiest and flattering pieces that say “I’m ready to get it on…but I’m no whore.” However, if you DO want to look a whore and/or porn star (no judgment) head on over to (What creative genius thought of that website name, btw?)

v-day lingerie

1. Pink lace Everjey Theodora bralet ($49) and matching boythong ($40): This just screams (or rather, whispers) girlish innocence  with its delicate, pastel lace. Which means your lucky fella is going to especially want to rip it off of you.

2. ID Sarrieri Secret November padded bra ($206) and matching V-string ($134): Be still, my heart. This may be the most breathtaking bra and panty set I’ve ever laid eyes on and I imagine the men would agree. The bordeaux silk, the scalloped lace, the impeccable cleavage it creates. Someone please lend me $340. Actually, don’t, because if I owned this, I’d probably wear it out to the bars or the mall…by itself. And get arrested.

3. Nippies Intimates Lips Cheeky ($19.50): This playful panty lets him know you’re into lip service (do with that what you will) and it comes with a pair of nippies if you’re wearing something extra scandalous and need to go braless. Ba-da-bing. Ba-da-boob.

4. Victoria’s Secret “Let’s Make Out” hipster panty ($9.50): When you have something to say…say it on your ass. Wait, what? Anyway, have fun with these. Like, you could go to the bathroom during your date and text him a pic of your booty (if you can maneuver it). A) You’re telling him you want to make out. B) He wants to get a closer look at the undergarment he just received a sext of. I’m a genius.

5. Elle Macpherson Sultry Dreams plunge boost bra ($95): For this beaut, I need to let the website do the talking. “You know the kind of sultry dream that has you awakening with an intake of breath, thinking of what is and what could be…Perhaps envisioning this long line plunge bra, all black and cream, all chalk-stripe embroidery details and boudoir lace, all va-voom plunge and corseted boning. And this has the details we can never conjure from our dreams, the double strap and the lace detailing on the band. Who wants to go back to bed?” YES, PLEASE.

6. Falke pure matte 20 stay-ups ($34): So I have these. And they’re awesome; they actually STAY UP (the whole point) and give your gams a gorgeous sheen. You can wear stay-ups with a garter belt, but if that’s too complicated, they are absolutely arousal-inducing on their own. Think about taking your dress off. What would gentleman eyes rather see–these or your high-waisted, control-top tights?

7. Hanky Panky signature lace garter belt ($35): If you DO want to go garter, this is one of the best belts to have. It keeps it simple yet super sexy and you can’t go wrong with Hanky Panky’s magical stretch lace.

8. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Add-2-Cups bra ($50): Well lookie here, ol’ Vicky’s is claiming to give us TWO cup sizes, which puts me at a double D, which I think would be quite misleading on a date, but whatever. These bras are super sexy, come in an array of lovely colors and patterns, and are affordable. Bring on the bazongas. (Blindfold not included.)

Even if you don’t have a Valentine (hello, me!), there’s something to be said for wearing undergarments that make you feel like a natural woman (PREACH, Aretha). So even if you’re sitting on the couch downing wine and cupcakes next Thursday and watching The Notebook  (that actually sounds amazing) or going out to a singles party (best night of the year to find a makeout partner, duh), consider doing it in sexy style.


*PS, if you couldn’t tell by the title, there’s another installment coming soon of the UNSEXY stuff to wear under your glam getup. Bring on the tummy tamers!

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