…and will someone please get LL some Burt’s Bees!?

Seriously, this video had me laughing out loud (I love you, Jimmy Kimmel) and I’m so disappointed in myself that I was tweeting during the Grammys about Katy Perry’s baggy gown, Faith Hill’s adult braces, and Taylor Swift’s awkward performancedancing/singing at her seat everything, but neglected to mention Lip Licking Cool J’s mouth action.

As for The Bachelor, it WAS amazing this week. Sunburned Sean grew a pair and sent Tierra home (with her sparkle and her eyebrow), then kicked off Lesley, the one decently cool chick with the least baggage…and Catherine cried about it (wtf?). Next week, Des’ brother is going to be a big meanie to Sean (cue the dramatic music, ABC!) because he’s obviously still bitter about living in a tent all those years. It’s going to be amazing. And the Ladies will Love it.



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