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Happy Valentine’s Day, all you lovers, losers, and bitter singles. I’m just kidding, none of you guys are losers. Unless my ex-boyfriend Mark is reading.

Kidding again. I never dated a Mark (that I know of).

In the past week, we’ve touched on blowjobs (no pun intended), sexy lingerie, not-so-sexy undergarments, bad dating stories, worse dating stories, and last-minute rose delivery all in the name of this momentous day of romance and overpriced dinners. CNN/HLN celebrated by having five single girls and five single guys on Morning Express with Robin Meade to chat about all things relationships, including the dreaded question, “WHY ARE YOU SINGLE?!” (Which is always best to answer with, “Why are you in a relationship?”)

Anyway, it was a fun experience and I was pleased (if not a little surprised) to see the footage they aired. I got to tell a fellow single lady to “dress sluttier,” drop a Catfish reference, and call out those dudes who say they want a solid relationship like their parents/grandparents but don’t act like it (click HERE for the other clip).

Special thanks to DryBar and Makeup Forever’s HD Microfinish Powder for helping me not look like a total disaster under those bright lights. And extra special thanks to the dude who said he doesn’t call girls; I got a good laugh. Sadly, I’m sure he’ll still get laid tonight.

And for all you ready-to-minglers:
vday 2

Your funny(ish) Valentine

Click HERE for the other clip about dating pet peeves!

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