Ask and ye shall receive (sometimes). All I wanted for Valentine’s Day was a stuffed Boo dog and whaddya know…a LIFE-SIZE one showed up on my doorstep yesterday in a Nordstrom box (apparently, it’s the VIP Boo, complete with pink, monogrammed hoodie). #SoBlessed. Obviously, I adore my new, little bundle of joy, but things definitely got off to a rocky start.

1. Dewey was insanely jealous (for obvious reasons):
boo 2

2. Then My Boo got wasted at Valentine’s dinner at Village Tap
boo 3

3. And made out with someone.
boo 1
He was super hungover on our walk this morning…

boo 4

5. So he’s procrastinating on work and playing on Facebook all day.

boo 5

Like mother, like pup.

Have a great weekend, everyone! It’s supposed to be boo-tiful.


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