Yes, this fantastic capsule collection from NY-based designer, Prabal Gurung, launched eight days ago and much of it is picked over in the stores (Want the leather jacket? Dream on.), BUT there are still some gems you can find at your local Target and lots of stuff available online. I think this is the best designer collab Target has done yet; everything is just so pretty and playful and will get you excited for spring. And we all know spring means patio drinking, getting tan, showing some skin, and feeling flirty. #BestSeasonEver

I snagged the super-flattering blue ruffle blouse (and wore it Saturday night with The Best Pants in the World and it might be my new favorite outfit), and not one, but two pairs of shoes (these colorful pumps and the apple red wedge sandals). The shoes aren’t the most comfortable ones I’ve ever worn, but for the cute factor and $30-$40 price tag, I’ll take a little ache.

I just have one beef with Prabal. He summed up his collection to with this, “You know, the whole collection was based on the idea of love and just the idea of celebration. What I wanted people to feel was just a little bit, you know, happy about it! Floral for me is perfect for a spring collection. Receiving flowers, smelling flowers. I don’t know—it just makes us all happy!”

But here’s a page from the lookbook:
She doesn’t look very happy to me. I mean, if there was ever a time for the rare SMILING model, this was it.

Hopefully you’ll be more celebratory when you wear your pieces.


*I shopped at Target near Lindbergh (2539 Piedmont Rd.). Let me know if you’ve found any awesome Prabal pieces and where! 

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