Welcome back to guest blogger Hayden Gray of Pretty In My Pocket! (Um, have you downloaded the badass beauty app yet? If not, you need to get on that STAT.) This week, she’s giving us lip about a must-have product for achieving a bright, bold kisser (psst, it’s cheap), the perks of being a girl, and how to trick Ryan Gosling into making out with you (ish). So brighten up!

vixen vivid lips copy

There are so many advantages of being a girl. We can fantasize about blood-sucking villains all in good fun (Damon Salvatore…call me…maybe?), Google Ryan Gosling for hours on end (not now Mom, I’m BUSY!), spend weekends with our #BFFs doing #brunch and #pedis and #hashtagging about it, and, oh yeah…we look better naked (sorry guys, it’s true). I must say though, wearing a killer lipstick has been and will always be one of my favorite female perks.

Think about it, though. How many songs mention craving someone’s kiss or lips? Not to mention the plethora of tunes linking lips and lovers to sugar and candy (take a listen HERE). While I wish my kisser tasted like Starbursts, what better way to trick your object of seduction affection’s eye by drawing attention to those juicy things with candy-colored pigment?

In order to avoid looking like Nicki-Minaj-gone-wrong, try our PRIMP approved product: Maybelline’s Color Sensational Vivid Lipsticks.

Maybelline-Color-Sensational vivids copy

I’ll always be a fan of this fall and winter’s oxblood/burgundy lip trend, but deep hues are on the outs and bright vivids are comin’ in hot. These Maybelline gems are highly pigmented, long lasting, and non-drying (and are a measly $7). With a matte-like finish, these vivids give the right amount of POW (right in the kisser!) without an over-the-top shine. Care to see what they look like on before the big purchase? PRIMP Makeup Maven, Christa Potter of Perilously Pale, swatches and applies each of these dangerously bright bad boys HERE and HERE.

If you can’t quite muster of the courage to go nearly neon, simply rub some lipstick on your finger then dab and blend onto lips. This method gives a much softer, subdued version of the courageously colorful look. In short, whether it’s “MeeoOOW,” “YOWza,” or “Holy SH*T! YOUR LIPS!”, you’re sure to grab attention whilst wearing this fiercely feminine look. And hell, I’ll take any one of those.




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