You’re probably familiar with EOS’s super-cute lip balm balls (if you don’t own one, surely a girlfriend has pulled one out at happy hour and you were all, “OMG, what is that and why are you rubbing it on your lips?!”). These colorful spheres are beloved by many because they’re ultra moisturizing, organic, have delicious (but subtle) scents/flavors like lemon drop and strawberry sorbet, last forever, and are cheap ($3-$4). But recently, I’ve gotten to know EOS’s other products, and they certainly live up to what the name stands for: Evolution of Smooth. Plus, the packaging is pretty (we love a nice package here at W + P).


The Everyday Hand Lotion is, well, in a word…handy. The tiny oval slips easily into your purse and is flat enough to carry in a compact clutch, so you’re never stuck at a party/on a date with sandpaper paws. It’s nearly all-natural, paraben-free, is made with the good stuff like shea butter and Vitamin E, and absorbs quickly so you can get back to texting/typing/stroking your boyfriend’s face (or elsewhere) shortly after application. All the scents are heavenly, but the cucumber is nostalgia in your nostrils as it smells like Bath & Body Work’s cucumber melon, which I think we all remember from middle school. And again…it’s CHEAP ($4) and can be found at Ulta and select drug stores.

I’m also digging the Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream–it’s rich and soothing, smells ahhh-mazing (especially the lavender jasmine), has a pump (a must), and you can shave with it wet or dry (perfect for those oh-shit-I-have-a-date-tonight-and-forgot-to-shave-my-legs moments). And, the soft-touch bottle won’t leave a rust ring in your shower (gross). It’s only $3.50 (whaaa?) and can be found in lotsa’ locations like CVS, Walgreen’s, Kroger, and Target.

Also, word to the mothers: No child can resist EOS lip balm, so keep that in mind next time your little angel is crying in a public place and you’re sans toys or snacks.
That’s my friend Angi’s son, Wyatt, in Naples. Obviously, I put him to work helping me pack…and testing out my beauty products.

Smooth move.


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