This morning, I was sitting in Cafe Jonah (one of my happy places…most days) next to two girls who talked smack about people for a solid hour and a half (ie. the entire time I was in their presence). Spewing stuff like, “she’s trash,” “he’s the laziest person I’ve ever met,” “I could give a shit about her or her husband,” “I can’t stand her,” “you wouldn’t believe the way she was dressed,” etc., etc., etc. Now, I’m down with some girl gossip (XOXO) and realize venting is necessary, but this was so disgusting and toxic that I almost got up and moved (I didn’t because I was seated near the fireplace and my feet were cold). I’m not going to rant about how these chicks’ lives must be if that’s the kind of chatter they take pleasure in (duh, that would make me no better than them), but I will plead with ladies who roll like this: Give it up. Go work out. Make yourself a smoothie. Call a friend and give her a compliment. Read a book. Walk your (or someone else’s) dog. Go shopping and (attempt to) be nice to the salespeople. Watch Friends reruns on Nickelodeon. Whatever you have to do instead of sitting around and being an unproductive asshole.

Thanks…from the ladies who graduated from that destructive BS  in high school.


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