Happy March! I was just in a Flywheel class with Jake Gyllenhaal, so I know it’s going to be a good month. And yes, he was gorgeous, sweaty and all.

But lady boners aside, here’s what went down this week in pop culture.

1. Miss Teen Delaware is a whore. Okay, that was a little harsh, but being FROM Delaware, I’m allowed to say that about my people (like how only African Americans can say the n-word). She had to turn in her crown because a sex video starring the teen queen herself (“allegedly”) has surfaced.
miss teen deBut there’s a silver lining! YouPorn.com has offered her $250K and a NEW title of Miss YouPorn (seriously).

Some people have all the luck.

2. Goats aren’t just for cheese (and Doritos commercials). The latest YouTube craze (thank God Harlem Shaking is on the way out) is called “goating” and involves inserting goats’ HILARIOUS screams into songs that deserve them, like this gem:

Now I think they need to do a pig squeal for the “Weeeee” in “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, right? #Genius. Also check out “Livin’ On a Prayer: Goat Edition.”

3. Mariah Carey’s nipple made an appearance in Atlanta. This is no shocker as Mrs. Cannon likes to stuff her curves into the teeny tiniest dresses known to (wo)man, and when she was in Atlanta for a So So Def anniversary concert and soiree, her nip sure enough slipped.

Then she presented Jermaine Dupri with a cake that looked like a blind fifth grader made it in Home Ec, then took it to art class to decorate. Girl, next time you’re in The A and giving cakes to fellow celebs, we need to get you to Highland Bakery.

cake mariah
4. Jennifer Lawrence is still perfect … because she admitted she wasn’t perfect. I just came across the story of America’s Dream Girl checking out her new Dior ads for the first time and responding, “”Oh my God, I haven’t seen these. That doesn’t look like me at all! I love Photoshop more than anything in the world.”
xjennifer-lawrence-dior-ad.jpg.pagespeed.ic_.xgrq1eprfiThen after the shocked reporter said, “I don’t think that’s Photoshop, that’s you,” she scoffed, “”Of course it’s Photoshop. People don’t look like that.” Click HERE for the full story and video.

I pray that she stays this down-to-earth.

5. Fashion’s Night Out is the new Freaknik. Well, the national fashion event is canceled this year because people had to go and get ‘hood. From Racked.com: “Last year in New York, for example, the night ended in a mob jumping on top of cars and two arrests, one for obstruction of governmental administration and one for disorderly conduct.”

I mean…whaaat? Come on people, fashion is supposed to be about fun, not guns. (I don’t know if there were actually any guns, but it rhymed.)

Tell me this sitch doesn’t remind you of a certain festival in Atlanta that got canceled for violence and rioting year ago.

Cheers to the FREAKin’ weekend!


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