After a crazy Saturday celebrating Texas Independence Day (read: any excuse to party) with large quantities of Sinless Margaritas (even Boo got wasted), this is exactly how I felt yesterday:

KS bag

Is that or is that not pure perfection?! Kate Spade nailed it and is the first designer (I know of) who has perfectly blended our love for colorful, canvas beach totes and hashtag usage. It is……THE HASHBAG. And it’s on sale right now for $173 (regularly $248). I realize that’s still pricey, so you might want to casually send this blog entry to your boyfriend/husband/sugar daddy/actual daddy with a sob story about how your favorite tote was stolen years ago by some beach thugs and you’ve never quite recovered (hey, that totally could have happened). The bag is also very high-quality and durable, so it’ll last you through years of vacays, and has snazzy detailing like soft, cowhide trim and 14-karat light gold-plated hardware and feet.

My bestie Kate (not be be confused with Spade) snagged #TheHashbag the second it went on sale and I must say it looks fab on her arm:
kate spade bag

Tequila is still my friend. #KateSpadesHashbagPlease #MustHave


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