Spring has sprung! Ish.

Atlanta’s temps are rising, but most of the country is still as cold as the last text you sent to your ex asking him to return your iPhone charger/favorite beach towel/NuvaRing.

But there’s nothing that can warm us gals up quite like the bright colors and exciting new products our favorite cosmetic lines have debuted for our swooning and spending pleasure! Without further adieu, five of Spring 2013’s finest lines and the messages they’re sending:

The Collection:
Lancome “In Love”
What it Says: Look like Harry Potter’s girlfriend.
lancome in loveI’m just being a smartass (shocker). That is Emma Watson, but she’s grown into quite the lovely lady since her sorcery (or whatever) days and I am in love with this In Love look. I am intrigued by the Khol In Love eyeliner in Jade Crush, think the Blush In Love is peachy-pink perfection, definitely need the Dewy Mist for keeping a fresh complexion whilst traveling this spring/summer, and as you may know, my nail guru Crystal swears by the Vernis polishes. Je t’aime, Lancome.

The Collection:
Bobbi Brown “Lilac Rose”
What it Says: Look as pretty as a flower. Or two.
bobbi brownSo much pink, purple, and glorious girly-ness in this collection, it IS like a Mount Vesuvius eruption of roses and lilacs. I gotta’ have the Shimmer Brick because it pulls double duty as blush and eyeshadow, but more so because “shimmer brick” is one of the most fun words in the English beauty language to say. I’m also digging the Brightening Lip Gloss in Nectar (a pinkish coral), and the Sparkle Eye Shadow, which is creamier and more subtle than it looks (read: you won’t look like a mall-walking, Taylor Swift-listening tween when you layer it on your lids).

The Collection:
Essie “Madison Ave-Hue”
What it Says: This might be the best your hands and feet have ever looked.
Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 1.06.20 AM
I’m obsessing over each and every one of these colors. First of all, Hip-Anema (which I’m not crazy about the name because it reminds me of enema) might be the most exceptional, bright orange-red of all time. Bond With Whomever and Avenue Maintain were MADE for springtime toes (trust me on this one), and I’m dying over the seafoamy-green-grey perfection of Maximillian Strasse-her (but again, with the questionable name…). Go Ginza makes me think of Easter, which makes me want to eat 93492834 Peeps and Reeses peanut butter eggs. Thanks a lot, Essie.

The Collection:
Too Faced’s Sweethearts Blush and Boudoir Eyes
What it Says: Be a lady in the street but a freak in the bed (YEAH!).

Too-Faced-Sweethearts-Perfect-Flush-Blush-Spring-2013Again, peachy-pink perfection. The three swatches of rose, coral, and peach blend together for a natural, romantic flush, and it’s a baked formula so you can “build it up” to your desired finish. And who can resist that sweet heart?

too facedAs for the “freak in the bed” part, this handy set of Too Faced’s superior shadows has everything you need for alluring bedroom/smoky eyes AND the how-to cards so you can’t F it up. And come on…you can’t get much better than those suggestive names (hello, French Tickler?!).

The Collection:
NARS Spring 2013 Color Collection
What it Says: Be bold. Be beautiful. Be a badass.
Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 1.15.39 AMNARS is the Honey Badger of the makeup world. They literally don’t give a SH*T. Pale pink and lavender? Forget it. They eat that sh*t for breakfast. This season, the bold cosmetic company is all about “arresting, powerful, provocative” hues like the Vivid Cyan and Parakeet Green Mad Mad World eyeshadow duo, Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in a slew of killer shades (I’m digging Skorpios and Calabria), and of course, the gunmetal-meets-glittery-green Disco Inferno nail polish.

Of course, Chanel, Dior, YSL, et al all have incredible spring collections, too, but that’s a given (and a pricier given at that). I’ll save a few bucks and treat myself to a cocktail (or six).

Patio (and primping) season, here we come!


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