Last night, I was running early to meet a friend for drinks (for ONCE in my life) and I stopped by CVS to pick up a few “necessities.” (I could spend hours in a drug store. Seriously, it’s like, a thing.) At the exact moment I realized I forgot to put on my Lancome La Vie Est Belle (that’s French for “smells pretty”), I stumbled upon this impressive display of designer imposter fragrances.
perfume 2I mean…wow. These perfume posers have come a long way since the days of “If You Like CK One, You’ll Love This Aerosol Can of Body Spray.”

So I chose one and spritzed it on.
perfume 3

And…I liked it (not enough to buy it for a whopping $7.99, but I came close). It smelled almost identical to Light Blue and it lasted longer than I thought it would. I’m not saying you should downgrade to designer imposter perfumes (Cher Horowitz would be HORRIFIED), but if you forget your fragrance en route to an engagement, you can pull into your local drug store and freshen up in pinch.

As for the fellas, I fully support the purchase of this timeless trio.
cologneNothing says sophistication like drugstore Drakkar Noir.

I’m outty,
Cher Ashley

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  1. Thanks for posting the clip… now I absolutely must leave work early to go home and watch my (VHS) copy of “Clueless”!!!


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