I rarely eat fast food nor do I endorse it (besides Chick-fil on game days); greasy fat, empty carbs, and low-quality meat is not a recipe for any sort of beauty success. But the Taco Bell Doritos delicacies have piqued my curiosity and intrigued my taste buds, so after a few cocktails on Saturday night (just enough to justify a fast food splurge; not too many that I wouldn’t remember it) and plans for double exercise on Sunday, I decided an official fourth meal review was in order.

I pulled into the Taco Bell drive-thru blaring “Viva Young” (DUH) and got one of each – the Nacho Cheese Doritos taco and the BRAND NEW Cool Ranch selection – and sped home so I could change into stretchy pants and dine on my finest crystal.

photo (15)I dove in and they were everything I thought they’d be: The guilty-pleasurable¬†Taco Bell tacos combined with the undeniably delicious taste of America’s favorite chips. But halfway through my face-stuffing savoring, I still couldn’t decide which one I liked better. Mmm, look at that unnatural orange cheese coloring and cool ranchy seasoning…
taco bell 2

So I did something a little crazy.

I. Combined. Them.

taco bell 4
And that, mi amigos, is the winner.


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  1. Is a photo shoot for an UPCOMING bike ride considered exercise? Just trying to figure out what the double exercising on Sunday consisted of.

  2. Oh my god. I NEVER eat fast food, but I’ve been dying to try these. I’m just worried that one taco will lead to a very unhealthy addiction. I mean, doritos, and tacos, together?! What could be better!


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