Clearly two of my great loves in life are alcohol and beauty, yet I haven’t created my own line for either of those things. (WHAT THE F*CK AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!)

Well, Drew Barrymore has both and they’re totally legit (unlike this mess). Her Italian Pinot Grigio is quality, crisp, and delicious AND you don’t even have to enter your age when you visit the website (one of my great annoyances of the Internet).Barrymore_Pinot_1But the best part about this wine is that she was on Chelsea Lately playing PINOT PONG with it. That’s right. WINE. PONG. And I thought that was only something my family did on holidays.

Mmmm, now I’m thirsty. Is it 3 p.m. yet?

But before I pour myself a drink, let’s talk makeup. First things first: It’s sold at Walmart. Figures, I was JUST dissing Walmart beauty lines last week, but I’m going to take back my “AS IF!” because Drew’s line, Flower, is pretty solid stuff. No, it’s not Bobbi, Trish, or Chanel, but for the dirt-cheap prices ($4-$14), it’s worth checking out if you’re on a beauty budget. The company doesn’t put money into advertising so they can spend those Barrymore Benjamins on quality ingredients.


My favorite product by far is the Lip Service Lip Butter ($7). It’s more than a lip gloss, but not quite a lipstick and goes on super-smooth and shiny. It can hang for a while, but also moisturizes your lips, so the more you reapply, the more kiss-worthy you feel. Next up is the Win Some, Rouge Some creme blush ($8), which goes on very velvety and gives you a pretty, natural glow. The small compact is perfect for throwing into your purse and you can definitely layer it for your desired look (Pure Petunia and Peach Blossom are my faves for spring/summer). I was definitely impressed by the quality and long wear of the Shadow Play eye shadow ($10) and the Blue Lagoons color quad is definitely on trend with this season’s vibrant eyes. I was also surprised by the smoothing coverage and silkiness of the About Face foundation ($14). I’ll probably still stick to my pricier products in that area, but I do believe this is better than many other drugstore foundations out there (without naming names).

I haven’t tried the entire collection, but from what I’ve tested, I think Flower has staying power and I highly recommend it if you’re trying to save beauty bucks. Oh, and you can always shop online if The People of Walmart scare you (I don’t blame you).

Cheers to you, Drew (you lucky whore).


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