The NCAA Final Four is in my home city of ATLANTA this weekend, so even though my alma mater Clemson isn’t in the tourney (ha, like that would happen), it’s still really exciting. Oh, and I went to a Conan taping yesterday and it was a basketball-themed show so it got me even more pumped. And yes, I just wanted to brag about going to Conan. YOU GOT ME.

But anyway, I’m not going to dish out technical sports talk on this blog (that would be a disaster), but I wanted to share my observations on the four teams and why I think they are all fab. That’s right. I’m not routing for one team. I’m routing for THEM ALL because I’m  just such a sports fanatic, I can’t choose. (But if I had to pick one, it would be #TeamCoco.) Also, I know some of you girls out there don’t even know all the teams in the Final Four (ADMIT IT!), so you’re welcome. Now you can drop some knowledge on a hottie this weekend.

1. Wichita State
shocker 2I mean. Enough said.

2. Michigan 
deweyYep, my dog Dewey is a fan. I have no idea why, but given that he’s a stray, maybe he grew up in Ann Arbor before making the trek to Atlanta to ruin my life show up on my doorstep.

And geez Dew, close your legs, you little man-slut. You’d think he was an athlete…

3. Louisville 
kevin wareDuh. I mean, that injury was horrific and heartbreaking and I’m just so glad Kevin Ware is recovering well and here in the A to cheer his team on! But one minor thing: His shirt says “Win It For Kevin” (which is slightly awkward since he is Kevin) and I just don’t understand why that’s the slogan when “Win It For Ware” flows so much better. I don’t care. I’m hashtagging #WinItForWare and no one can stop me.

4. Syracuse
ellenMy good friend Ellen is player Michael Carter Williams’ baby mama.

KIDDING KIDDING! CALM DOWN, ORANGE NATION! Don’t go running to the blogs with that one. She’s just a Syracuse alum/die-hard-fan who happens to look really cute by his side. (But since he’ll probably be drafted this year, you might want to get on it, girl). And speaking of blogs, check out Ellen guest blogging on this ultra-popular Syracuse site about what ‘Cuse fans should do in Atlanta this weekend.

Let the games begin!


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