We all had a precious Abercombie & Fitch denim skirt in the early-mid 2000s (some of us more than one), and for me, they were my #1 going out staple throughout college. It’s like they were made for every occasion!

21st birthdays (and slutty poses):
js 3
Having a “Hey Ya” dance party with your bestie when you’re the only two (ok, three) people in the bar:
js 2
Paired with a Lacoste tube top for Spring Break and getting creeped on by a sketch dude whilst being reeeally wasted:
js 4That one was my fave. (The skirt, not the guy.)

Of course Abercombie still makes jean skirts, but things have changed a little since ’05. Now, you’d be lucky if they fully covered your lady parts.

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 4.43.23 PMYou know A&F tucked the pockets up for that pic because there’s no way they wouldn’t be hanging out of that handkerchief-sized piece of denim.  And we wonder why girls are growing up so fast these days.

Ahhh I miss the good ol’ days of jean skirts being made to cover my butt cheeks, being able to take 27 shots and wake up hangover-free, and stressing over crafting the perfect AIM away message in case my crush saw it.

Ok, maybe not that last part. Since we have Facebook now.


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  1. LOVE the pic of you & Alex at Overtime!! I had a throw back spin class last night which included Get Low (to the window to the wall) and thought of OT’s! #membersonly

  2. Current blog, fresh information, I read it from time to time!!…


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