My bestie Kate and I got manis last week at Sugarcoat and both opted for pink nails with a sparkly gold accent nail. I’m really loving this color combo for the spring/summer, especially with gold jewelry:

nails(Obviously we hashtagged this pic on Instagram with #BestFriendHands.)

You can go pale pink like me or magenta-ish like Kate (the bitch with the Cartier bracelet) and when you add the gold sparkle, it’s officially a fiesta on your phalanges. And speaking of, I’ve personally changed my party nail preference from ring finger to pinky, simply because I think the ring finger is played out (no offense, Kate) and it’s time to mix it up. Note: Just keep your pinky nail trimmed so people don’t think you’re a cokehead.

Is this the most girly-ridiculous blog post ever? Like, if a guy read it, would his head literally explode with WTF-ness?


Sorry for party (nail) rockin,

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  1. Love that light pink color…do you remember what it is?


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