Another day, another horrifying tragedy. My immediate reaction (and I’m sure that of others) when I heard the news of the Boston Marathon explosion was “Is anyone dead?!” I thought, I’m sure there are injuries and tons of terrified and traumatized people, but please God, don’t let more lives be lost in another senseless act. 

Nowhere is safe. Not the movie theater, not an elementary school, not the Boston Marathon–the city’s pride and joy. From now on, this momentous and joyous occasion for the city will bring memories of death and destruction. We can only pray for the families of the 3 who were killed, those 140+ with injuries, and everyone else affected. And let’s hope we can uncover the force behind this so we can understand why it happened and hopefully, see justice be served.

As for the media, I’ve seen a few graphic photos I find to be totally irresponsible and inappropriate and I do think that some reporting can hurt more than it can help, but at the end of the day, most sources are doing their best to deliver the news, so I hope we can focus our energy on ways we can help or at least sending positivity to the people affected rather than criticizing the messengers. And as always, for anyone making jokes about this tragedy (I just saw a meme that made me feel nauseous), go f*ck yourself.


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