Ever heard a fellow female say something along the lines of, “I don’t really have girlfriends,” or “I just don’t get along that well with girls; I’m more of a guys’ girl.”?

Well guess what, sister: You must really suck. (And I don’t just mean you’re giving blowjobs to other girls’ boyfriends, but you’re probably doing that, too.)

If I actually used the word “blessed” in real life and not just when (lightly) mocking people/celebs who talk about how #blessed they are on social media, I would say that I am SO BLESSED to have the girlfriends I do. As I get older, I realize it more and more and can’t imagine life without them. That’s right, everyone, I’m getting soft on ya’ (just for a minute though; don’t panic).

I hope you feel the same way and are thankful for the women you have in your life. With that said, maybe you have someone (or 27 someones you want to send this to).


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  1. hrm. I don’t know about this one. I have some really fun girl friends, but I have a good chunk of really close, good guy friends that I have zero sexual chemistry with-we’re just friends. I sometimes say gross or inappropriate stuff that goes over better with guys. I don’t have to use a filter around them! Give the tomboys a break!

    • are you kidding? i have a dirtier mind/mouth than most guys! 🙂 and i have a number of very close guy friends that i hang out with one-on-one all the time. guy friends are so, so important. this post was just dedicated to the girls. and with my girlfriends, i don’t have to use a filter AT ALL, for the record!


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