…and plumbers’ crack…and drawing attention to your problem areas with the loudest prints ever…

PRESENTING: Tracy Anderson’s workout pants!


I took one look at these RIDICULOUSLY LOW RISE cropped leggings ($60) and two words came to mind: MUFFIN. TOP.

However, if you read the description, it states “Smooth, wide waistband–absolutely no muffin top” not once…but twice. Typo? Or just trying to drill that blatant lie into the consumer’s brain even more? You be the judge.

Unless you have a physique like Tracy and .0001% body fat, these pants will maximize any semblance of love handles you have, expose your butt crack the second you even slightly bend at the waist or stretch your body, and make you look, well, in a word, ridiculous. Bright plaid!? Polka dots!? Seriously, you guys. Polka. Dots. I mean, I’d like to see Tracy’s bestie Gwyneth Paltrow rock these fitness freakshows.

I can’t speak on what the camel toe factor would be (more on that HERE), but I think with one wrong move, your whole vajay would be on display.

Sorry Tracy. You may have been better off just making straight-up see-through pants like Lululemon.


Photo from racked.com

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  1. absolutely one of my fav posts:) hilarious truth all over it.


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