jt bdayWell slap my ass and call me Sally!

(Wait, that came out wrong…)

It’s Witty + Pretty’s FIRST BIRTHDAY next week and YOU’RE getting the presents! Yes, I’m giving away some serious goodies and they’re all things that I LOVE, so if you read this blog on the reg, you know that might mean my fave makeup, skin and haircare products, fitness classes (*cough* Flywheel), accessories (we’re talking jewelry), a handbag or two, private time pleasers, and more! I’m not playing around and there will sure as sh*t not be any mini sample sizes in my giveaway repertoire. We #GoBigOrGoHome at W+P HQ.

I wanted to give you guys a heads up and let you know a lot of this giveaway action will be going down on Facebook, so make sure to like the Witty + Pretty page (I know you’re stalking your crush/ex/crush’s ex as we speak, so don’t even front). I’ll also be doing some super exclusive giveaways on MySpace, so head over there to sign up, too.

If you clicked on that…you’re welcome.

It also MIGHT be a good idea to sign up for the mailing list (see that form over to your right?) as I may have something special planned just for subscribers. And as always, I’ll never spam you (unless you’re into that sort of thing).

And since it’s Friday, I can’t forget about my Friday 5, so here are The 5 Best Things About Birthdays (besides presents and parties):

1. Birthday cake/cupcakes (duh).
bday cucpakes
2. Birthday cake nails. bday cake nails(I mean…does anyone actually know how to do these?)

3. Birthday cake shots.
(I do know how to do those.)

4. Sentimental birthday cards.
bday present
And last but not least…

5. Birthday suits.
Come on, you guys. It’s not a celebration without naked Adam.

See you next week for GIVEAWAYS GALORE! Don’t forget to like Witty + Pretty on Facebook and subscribe via the form to the right for even more perks!

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  1. Can’t wait!!!

  2. Oh hell yes. I can’t wait for this shit.
    The Pumpkin Spot

  3. Happy Birthday W+P congrats Ash


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