Despite the fact that I’m often rocking a ponytail, disheveled bun (I still can’t master the sock bun #FML), or hat (when I haven’t shampooed in a couple days), I do consider my hair an asset. You know how some lucky bitches ladies love their naturally long lashes or 24-inch waists? Well I’m proud of my lovely lady locks, so you can understand my vanity panic (c’mon, we’ve all had it) when I thought my hair was getting thinner a few months ago. (FYI, when I find my first gray, everyone better take cover because it will not be pretty…or witty).

This was around the time when I met Atlanta celeb stylist Bill Murphy and we had a major hairapy session discussing supplements, blow dryer breakage (more on that later), and products, specifically HIS new product line, Recitals. Because like it or not, your hair is performing on the mane stage every day.
Recitals1Bill is SO big on hair health (seriously you guys, he’s a guru) and his product line could not be better for your tresses; after he used them on me, I could tell an immediate difference. The shampoo and conditioner are incredible for everyday, but using the Maestro Mud Masque once or twice a week will give you the softest strands EVER, plus it helps repair damage (to use, I shampoo, wring excess water from my hair, apply and leave in for 7ish minutes, then rinse). As for styling products, the Melody Moisture Miracle Hair Crème is pretty miraculous; it’s a leave-in conditioner that also acts as a straightening and protecting blowdry serum. The Bolero Molding Gel is another miracle worker that amps up body for both straight and curly tresses. And I REALLY applaud the Ovation Volumizing Spray Oil for the grand finale; you don’t need a lot and it fights frizz while giving you volume and gorgeous shine.

I’m giving away three full-size Maestro Mud Masques ($36) and our friend Bill is going to throw in some samples of the other products so the lucky winners can try them, too. mud masqueHow to win is a little different today. To enter, head on over to the Witty + Pretty Facebook page and leave a comment on the post about Recitals stating what you love about your hair (your natural (or unnatural) color, crazy curls, the fact that you CAN rock a sock bun, how your guy can never keep his hands off your strands, etc.). Let’s get some positive, female self-love going! The three comments with the MOST LIKES at the end of the week will win the mud masques, so ask your friends for those virtual thumbs ups.

Hair we go!


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  1. I love that my hair looks great right out of the shower. Got to love the curls. Saves me a lot of time! Would love to try some new products to improve results!

  2. […] treatment like the indulgent Oribe Signature Moisture Masque ($59) or W+P’s favorite Recitals Mud Masque ($36) and leave in for 10 minutes. If you’re soaking up the sun a ton, use a mask like Fekkai […]


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