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You can barely turn on the TV today without seeing A.J. Clemente, the North Dakota news anchor whose very first words on his very first newscast on his very first TV job EVER were “fucking shit.” After which, he was promptly fired.

Click below for the uncensored video (it gets better every time you watch it) or click HERE for a safe-for-work story.

Well…A.J. is one of my brother Matt’s best friends. He bar-backed for Matt in the summer at Que Pasa (the best waterfront cantina in Dewey Beach … and the world) and at another spot in the off-season. I’ve met him on a few occasions and he’s such a nice guy, so I was bummed to hear he got fired on his first day because of an innocent slip-up. But he’s not doing so bad–he was on The Today Show this a.m. and did NOT curse (click here to watch) AND Live with Kelly and Michael, is on Letterman tonight, and possibly Jimmy Fallon on Thursday. I mean, I’m starting to think I should have dropped the F-bomb on my CBS segments to get myself a few minutes of fame (and maybe even made a lewd gesture just to seal the deal).

I got to interview A.J. right in the middle of his media blitz thanks to my awesome bro. Check it:

First things first: Did no one count you guys down on set!?
Master control was counting down, but there was no audio on set. I didn’t have an earpiece in and [my co-anchor] didn’t either—she just happened to be looking up and saw the red light and just went. So there was no cue at all. If there was a countdown, I would have been ready. The weather guy even said, “Are we live?” but I don’t think the video caught that.

I mean, she was talking and you weren’t even paying attention!
I was caught off guard. And I didn’t even know the curse was caught on TV. I had no idea that I had cursed on air until after.

And then…?
It was a (pauses)…a storm.

Ha, I bet you’re scared to say “shit” now! So I have to ask…do you curse a lot?
No, I don’t. Everyone has been frustrated at work and cursed. A lot of people curse, even if you just stub your toe or something.

I hear that. So I know you’re getting this question a lot, but it sounded like you said “gay” before you dropped the F-bomb. Did you?
No. I was working on the pronunciation of the London marathon winners, which was our second story. It was my first newscast and I wanted to get the names perfectly. The audio cut in on the back end of one of the names (Tsegaye Kebede) and it sounded like “gay.”

And the random “East Coast” comment?
That was just me being totally caught off guard.

Soooo…you weren’t roofied?
Haha, no. Yeah, the video makes it look like I didn’t even go to school. (Clemente has a degree in broadcast journalism from West Virginia University.)

People are assholes on the Internet. Do the bad comments bother you?
Nah, you just have to laugh at it – that’s the way I am. I’m a happy-go-lucky kinda’ guy. If this had happened to someone else, I’d be cracking up.

Any standout comments?
I think the best one I saw said something like: “A.J. Clemente, career born April 21, 2013; RIP April 21, 2013.”

Aww, well you have a great attitude!  What does this mean for your career? I mean, if you don’t land a gig as a result of all this fame!
I’m looking forward to more opportunities, the next chapter, whatever that may be.

Will we see you at Que Pasa this summer signing autographs?
If all else fails, I’ll be at Que Pasa. I already talked to Matt – told him to save me a job just in case.


All I can say is that I wish A.J. the very best, but I still hope he makes an appearance in Dewey when I’m throwing back margaritas on my 30th! That will be some awesome F*CKING SH*T.


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  1. THIS. Is awesome. hilarious!!

    The Fashion Lush

  2. Funny as sh– Best of luck to AJ where ever he lands.
    And I’ll buy you a drink for your 30th Ashley!

  3. Ash this is awesome! He seems like such a sweet guy. Love it – especially the “were you roofied comment”. And I would totally support an F bomb on BMA.


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