I have worn the same style of Nike running shoe since 2008 (seriously, I think I’ve gone through 11 pairs), so it was a big step (no pun intended) to try something new. But I’ve been hearing about and seeing Newtons amongst the Atlanta fitness crowd (plus Flywheel founder Ruth swears by them), so last week, I got my feet into the Motion (pictured at top).


And…I’m officially obsessed (and not just because they’re way cute).

Here’s why Newtons are superior running shoes:

1. They’re super light and comfortable. It’s like running on air with no shoes on at all (but don’t try that at home).
2. They have bounce. Well, technically it’s called Action/Reaction technology–“highly responsive and engaging cushioning that protects and loses less energy with every step” unlike EVA foam, gel, or air in other running shoes that lose energy and responsiveness over time. I definitely feel like I’m being propelled forward more than my former sneakers could do.
3. They make you run like you’re supposed to. “Newtons are designed with a minimal “drop” – or height difference – between the height of the heel and the ball of the foot. A more level-to-the-ground platform positions you to support a natural running motion.”
4. The outersoles and laces are made with recycled materials and there’s anti-friction and anti-bacterial technology built into the sockliner for a cleaner, comfier run.
5. Did I mention how cute they are? The bright colors automatically put pep in your step.

Yes, they may be a tad pricier than your Nikes or Asics ($125-$175) but if you’re a serious (or semi-serious) runner, it’s so worth it and you’ll notice they last significantly longer because of all that fancy technology. Also, you’ll probably run faster (MAJOR SCORE), but FYI: You may feel some slight soreness after your first few runs in your Newtons because you’re strengthening muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones that may not have been as active before (I definitely could feel it in my shin area) so don’t go balls-to-the-wall on your first outing. Read more about the Newton strengthening experience HERE.

For those of you in Atlanta: My favorite shop for workout/lifestyle gear, DEKA, is home to the first and only Newton “Shop In Shop”, which means they exclusively sell Newtons and have a very extensive selection with a knowledgeable staff to fit you into your perfect pair. And this Wednesday, May 1, they’re having a par-tay with Newton co-founder Danny Abshire (I want to give that guy a big thank you hug) with complimentary Vixen Vodka cocktails (hello, magic words), healthy snacks, giveaways for TWO pairs of Newtons, and a fab shwag bag (including a limited edition, Retro brand Newton tee) with a $20 donation to Trickle Up, a foundation aimed at breaking the cycle of extreme poverty. Check out the Facebook event and I hope see you there, trying on (and maybe winning!) Newtons with a cocktail in hand (duh).


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  1. These look interesting. Do they only have running shoes? I’m in dire need of some new cross trainers.

  2. I can totally relate to this. I had been wearing Brooks for almost 10 years when I took a chance on Newton’s. I too am in love. I have serious pronation problems that make it hard for me to run fast. These shoes totally correct a lot of that. I feel fast, even if it’s in my head. Now I did have to get used to the fluorescent orange and green (the pink ones I wanted weren’t right for my feet) but the color is growing on me. Hope you continue to enjoy yours!!

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