Apparently, there’s a sexy theme on W+P this week: Legs, selfies, and now the giveaway I’m announcing. Sorry if you’re a prude and/or are easily offended by riske chat, but I didn’t plan it this way. (But then again, if that’s the case, you’re reading the wrong blog.)

ANYWAY, I’m giving away three beauty + bedroom must-haves in the final W+P 1-year anniversary giveaway, but it’s ONLY available to email subscribers and I’ll be sending out the email with how to win shortly, so if you’re not signed up, hop on it with the form to your right! I’ll be giving away three packages (no pun intended) and they include:


1. The Wittiest + Prettiest toy ever. This FOUR SPEED vibrator known as “Hidden Drama” ($39) is disguised as a lipstick case so you’ll never be busted again when you want to pack the pleasure in your purse for those slow days at work. GENIUS.

2. Real lipstick. First things first: Don’t get this confused with the Hidden Drama or you’ll have a messy situation on your hands hoo-ha. This is Pla Beauty’s Lovestruck ($22), my favorite red lipstick of all time. It looks good on gals of all complexions and hair colors; I’m a brunette and swear by it, but so does our blonde buddy Carrie Underwood who wore it on the ACM awards a few weeks ago (LOOK!!!). You’ll also get a Pla lip gloss ($20), and hear read me when I say: Best. Gloss. Ever.

3. THE panties. If you aren’t wearing Cosabella, you’re missing out, sister. I personally think Hanky Panky doesn’t have anything on these comfy, Italian-made, lacy numbers and we are lucky enough to have a flagship store right here in Atlanta (where they mysteriously seem to take all my money). The lingerie company is celebrating 30 years with the Trenta collection (that’s 30 in Italian) and we’re giving away THREE-packs of the incredible lowrider thong ($52)–super-fine lace designed to lay on the body for a seamless effect (read: no VPL!) and low-rise fit with wide stretch band (read: no muffin top!). So you’ll have a new pair of sexy stunners for every night of the weekend (talk about putting the fun in Sunday Funday).

So make sure you’re subscribed and look for further details in your inbox on how to win this provocative prize pack!


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