I don’t think you guys fully understand my obsession with Mexican culture, mainly the food, the drinks, and the accessories.
picstitch (1)Which is why I think Cinco de Mayo is the best holiday ever, better than St. Patrick’s Day, Flag Day, Arbor Day, and even……..Christmas. Oh, I said it. Here’s why.

1. The headwear. Stupid Santa hat or sexy sombrero? NO. CONTEST.
2. The drinks. Eggnog tummy-ache vs. tequila buzz. Come on now…
3. The food. Turkey and ham on Christmas night? Psh. How about put that turkey in a burrito or quesadilla with some beans and rice, slather it in cheese, salsa, and sour cream, and serve it with a side of chips and guac, OMFG, I want that now.
4. The music. Out-of-tune carolers singing the same old, tired tunes you’ve been hearing since YOU WERE BORN or a mariachi band taking requests? You be the judge (and meet my future husband).

5. Makeout method. Awkwardly stand under a sprig of mistletoe or get right in there with a tequila shot? DUH.

Slide4See what I mean? Now let’s celebrate. OLE!

Senorita Ashley

*Disclaimer: I do love Christmas and I get to be with my family and wake up the morning after with new presents to play with instead of a raging hangover. But I’d still take margs and guac over eggnog and turkey any damn day of the year.

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  1. I’m so with you on the Cinco de Mayo vs. Christmas deal! Salute to you this holiday weekend!

  2. Well said. Super sad I can’t partake in margaritas this year. I’ll just double up on burritos.


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