sunny-beach-girlRemember the tears in my eyes during my first bikini wax? (If not, click HERE.) It absolutely has gotten better over time, but let’s be real–you’re ripping hair out of your skin in a sensitive area, so (some sort of) pain is a given, ESPECIALLY if you’re going Brazilian. I consulted two of Atlanta’s top hair removal experts, Myka Barbato of WAX and Raquel Souza of Sweet Peach Wax & Sugaring Studio, to share their expert tips for less ouch factor.

1. Meds. Both pros recommend taking your normal dosage of ibuprofen/aspirin 30 minutes to an hour before. It can reduce pain but also help with potential inflammation.

2. Alcohol. You can have one or two drinks to take the edge off, but Myka says, “Not too many! Alcohol thins the blood and you don’t want to be more prone to bruising, etc. just from too many cocktails!”

3. Your period. Good Lawwwd, don’t go getting waxed right before your cycle is supposed to start as you’re more sensitive down there up to three days before. You can also be sensitive up to three days after, but once you’re past that point, it’s a perfect time for a hoo-ha haircut because as Myka says, “The grow-out period isn’t so hard to bear because the last week you are most likely on your cycle and probably not getting any action anyways.” #TRUTH.

4. Pregnancy. Myka says, “During the first two trimesters, it’s business as usual, but the last one can be more sensitive.” That’s not to say it can’t be done (hello, you’re going to want to be groomed right before you have a crowd of people down there cheering on your vagina), but just be sure to go to a top-notch salon (like WAX or Sweet Peach) as they know how to handle a delicate mom-to-be.

5. Exfoliation. Raquel recommends exfoliating the area within the 24 hours before your appointment for a smoother ride. As I’ve mentioned before, I die for the sugar peach scrub exclusively sold at Sweet Peach ($20). Also, if you can take a warm shower or bath prior to your treatment, it will help open up the pores for easier and less painful hair removal.

6. Distract yourself. Chat with your waxer, make a mental to-do list, or even text/email/Facebook on your phone (no X-rated Instagrams, please). I recommend asking politely if your aesthetician minds you using your phone during the treatment, but she won’t. She gets it. (Just don’t sext with your man; being turned on during a wax could get awkward quick.) At Sweet Peach, Sex and the City plays in the treatment rooms, so I actually get excited to go and see which episode is on. Nothing like seeing Miranda’s full bush while you’re getting yours removed.

7. Numbing cream + panties. If you’re really scared of pain, Raquel recommends Dr. Edna’s BareEASE prep kit ($18-$22, available online and at Sweet Peach). Forty-five minutes prior to the treatment, you put the topical analgesic cream on the area, then slide on the latex panty to isolate the application. It’s safe and doctor-developed, and many of Raquel’s clients swear by it. I tried it and did notice less pain, but nothing takes away ALL of the discomfort (except like, an epidural).

8. Post-treatment activity. Your “baby” skin is so sensitive right after hair removal that wearing tight clothing/working out or getting your freak on within the following 24-48 hours can irritate the area leading to bumps, pimples, and ingrown hairs (OUCHIE), so keep that in mind when making an appointment. With sugaring, there’s generally less or no irritation (I can work out within 24 hours with no issues), but still keep tabs on how your body reacts. And for the love of God, don’t go getting a spray tan right after a wax/sugaring unless you are wearing thick-ass panties that cover the entire treated area. Trust me on this one.

9. Wait time. Don’t go TOO long between treatments or it can make for a more uncomfortable experience the next time (in more ways than one). Everyone is different, but three weeks to a month is ideal. I think we’ve all pushed it past the limit during those winter droughts, but when you wait two months or more, you’re getting into scary territory.

10. Shaving. Ladies, I know the scenario. Some hot guy asks you on an impromptu date/your long-distance booty call flies in town unexpected/the ex shows up on your doorstep with flowers and a much hotter physique since the breakup…….and you’re rocking full ’70s bush. You could take a razor down there, but know that if you’re a regular waxer/sugarer, this could lead to ingrowns and make your treatment more painful next time. So what’s a girl to do? I say embrace the bush. He’ll understand; or better yet, he might really dig it and you’ll be getting down like Joanie and Chachi in no time. If he’s turned off by it, send that loser packing. Then put on Sex and the City and call it a (pain-free) night.

Good luck out down there, sisters!


**I’m giving away one Brazilian wax from WAX and one Brazilian sugaring from Sweet Peach. Head on over to the Witty + Pretty Facebook page to find out how to win!**

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  1. Love these tips. Some I didn’t ever know about like taking a nice hot bath right before hand, GENIUS! I’ve done the laser hair removal thing but had to give it up because 1. it’s too expensive and 2. i get too tan and they usually say sorry charlie. So I may need to go back to waxing.

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  2. Wonderful tips!

    But my last, and I believe final, man, LOVES the bush thing! I mean pouts if I mention so much as a trim! How lucky can a girl get?

    On the other hand now its summer, we’ve no opportunity for swimming, but the heat is driving me to distraction. I’ve been brazillian forever, so this is an adjustment. (we live in the coastal, very humid south)


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