Since we’re talking music festivals, don’t read any further unless you’ve seen this:

I love The Obesity Epidemic. Such amazing energy. Can’t believe I missed them at Bonnaroo last year.

So I’m en route to the Hangout Music Festival as we speak (#ThankYouHotspot) and am super pumped to wear a hippie headband, some sort of obnoxious fringe getup, and impractical hipster boots whilst waving my hands in the air and swaying to the righteous tunes.


Here are the real items essential for the best fest experience:


1. Flowy/sheer/crocheted top of some sort. You can wear it over a pretty bra or bikini top for a Bohemian look that’s airy and comfortable. The blouse pictured is from Calypso St. Barth, but Free People has my favorite selection of Boho duds.

2. Jorts. Duh. They’re a staple for music festivals. The more worn-in, the better.

3. Comfortable/practical footwear. Girls that wear heels/high wedges for festivals…I can’t even. If it’s sandal weather, choose a pair you’ve already broken in so they won’t give you blisters or pinch pain, and some sort of support is ideal. I love Havaianas, but they suck for being on your feet all day. My Cole Haan Grove sandals (pictured) with cushy, supportive soles are made for walkin’. If it’s raining, consider there might be mud and you’ll need rain boots, which coincidentally, look awesome with distressed denim shorts.

4. Sunglasses. Another no-brainer. I’m currently lusting for these thick cat-eye Wayfarers. Meow.

5. Something to carry your sh*t. For a fest, you gotta’ go crossbody or backpack (or fanny pack, of course). You don’t want a purse slinging around while you’re trying to wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care. This Navajo-print bag from South Moon Under is festival fab.

6. Fouta. Not to be confused with a FUPA, these European throws act as compact and cute blankets to sit on AND you can even find some that work as scarves/wraps like my obsessions at Huff Harrington Home for $42 (seriously, they’re amazing and I keep buying them in different colors–read more HERE).

7. Sunscreen. Do you want gross, painful sunburn? Maybe some skin cancer? How about both? When you’re outside for hours on end, you’ve gotta SPF it up, especially on your face (nose and forehead, especially). Coola organic suncare is my absolute fave (more on sun essentials next week) and this SPF 30 for face with a matte finish prettifies your complexion while protecting it.

8. Freshening towelettes. If it’s hot, you’ll feel gross by day’s end (or middle). Use cleansing wipes on your face, neck, arms, legs, etc. to make yourself feel fresh again. Even baby wipes work wonders.

9. Undercover flask. I’m not suggesting you break the rules. Okay, yes I am. You may as well try to sneak in alcohol in a flask that looks like binoculars, an iPhone, or camera to save yourself a couple $27 drinks. Or you could put vodka in a water bottle, wrap it in your fouta, and hope for the best. It’s worked for me (ssshhhh)….

10. GoGirl. Disclaimer: I’ve never used this. But if you’re weird about urinating in a porta potty and/or outdoors, this hygienic invention could help your situation by letting you pee like you have a D.

Now you’re ready for some good, clean fun.


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