What happened yesterday in Oklahoma is heartbreaking–the lives lost, the destruction, people’s homes and all their belongings gone in minutes. MINUTES. This quote in a CNN article really shook me: Monday night, Steve Wilkerson, whose home was destroyed, carried what few belongings he could find in a laundry basket. “I still can’t believe this is happening,” he said. “You work 20 years, and then it’s gone in 15 minutes.”

I can’t even begin to imagine.

And of course Facebook and Twitter is abuzz with people “praying for Oklahoma” and sharing articles with awful photos. But guess what? That doesn’t do a thing to help our fellow citizens who have been stricken with disaster. I’m not going to preach, but I will say there are many ways to help, even just by sending a quick text. Here’s an article listing some of the efforts you can support. Research which are best, ask around, or just pick one (or a few) that speak to you. So easy…

donationAll caps mean you REALLY mean business.

Obviously, there are much more impactful things we can do, but every little bit counts. And now that you’ve actually helped, you can hashtag prayers on Twitter all day long.


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  1. You may have seen my post on FB which apparently pissed some people off (maybe I have a communication issue) but whatever. I’m sick of seeing “praying for (insertcity)” I get religion is powerful to some people, but it doesn’t rebuild homes, it doesn’t provide shelters or food for those in need. Pray while donating, thanks.

    I’ve officially implemented a new rule for myself, MSV and Southern Blog Society. Donating to animal shelters anytime there’s a natural disaster like this. It’s just heartbreaking.

    xo now people hate me more, whatever.

    • My thoughts EXACTLY. You can pray til you’re blue in the face and out of words, but that doesn’t bring back that kid’s little league trophy, that old man’s home he built with his own hands, that family’s daughter, etc.

      Planning to donate once tomorrow’s paycheck arrives.


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