In case you didn’t know, Chelsea Handler is my #1 idol and inspiration. I think she is so incredibly talented, down-to-earth, and a genuinely good person. We share the same passion for vodka (and alcohol in general), our dogs look alike, AND we have the same middle name, Joy. Her hilarity and comedic genius go without saying.

But I think we all know she’s had her fair share of style snafus on the show (seriously, sometimes I thought her stylist was f*cking with her), but last night was the first time I saw a beauty blunder like this:

181451_10100879814516578_682274926_nWhat. Is. That. Hair?

I feel like there should be 234820934 little butterfly clips nestled in the back. Or…maybe there are?! And is there a cornrow situation happening? I can’t even…

Now, I am all about a messy updo and even the headband accent (duh, remember this post?), but this is just baffling. I mean, maybe it would have been acceptable in the ’90s…on a middle school girl. Here’s a video clip so you can get the full effect:

If Chelsea hadn’t washed her hair in a few days (like I roll), they could have dry shampooed it and put it in a sleek pony. Or a bun. Or a braid. Or a Topsy Tail. Or ANYTHING but this. Maybe it will come out that this disaster was on purpose and the joke’s on us. Maybe her hair person was high. Maybe Chelsea was drunk and insisted on this style. Maybe she’s taking beauty tips from Brad Wollack. Maybe Chuy did her ‘do (I actually think that might be it).

Whatever the case, it doesn’t make me love her any less. I just wish I could have been there to intervene. Chels, just say the word and we’ll gladly move Witty + Pretty HQ to L.A. in your time of need. I hear the vodka country is beautiful this time of year.

Ashley Joy

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