Sorry, June 20; summer starts THIS WEEKEND, which means fun in the sun is a given. But with those warm rays comes the potential for sunburn (ouch) and peeling (gross), skin damage (read: making you look OLDER by the day), and the dreaded C-word (and I’m not talking about C U next Tuesday).

We ain’t in college anymore, gals. If you’re lathering yourself in SPF 4 tanning oil and roasting in the sun all day, you’re doing your body (and your beauty) bad. You can still achieve a gorgeous, bronze glow while wearing sunscreen, and the more you love your SPF, the more prone you are to wear it. I consulted an expert on this topic: Tiffany Terranova, a melanoma survivor and the owner of RAW Bronzing Studio (the best spray tan salon in the universe, duh), so she knows a thing or two about skin and sun.

Her picks are a tad pricier than your drugstore Banana Boat, but they’re totally chemical-free (many are certified organic) and actually improve your skin while they protect it. Think about it: You’re gooping on sunscreen, then literally BAKING IT into your bod with the sun’s rays. (No seriously. Picture that for a second.) Shouldn’t you feel good about what’s in it?

Tiffers, take it away…


1. COOLA Moisturizing Sport SPF 45 ($32): A high SPF combined with the silky, quick-drying lotion is sun protection perfection. Not only is it easy to apply, making it a prime pick for men (especially hairy-chested fellas), but it’s ideal for the whole fam. We recently took three bottles to Miami for a family vacation and everyone loved it (but more importantly, no one got burnt because it was so easy to put on).

2. COOLA Sport Spray SPF 30 Unscented ($32): Who doesn’t love a spray sunscreen sans chemicals and funky smell? This is a great go-to product for just about anyone. Not only do you get the convenience of a spray but it’s the purest you’ll ever find. It’s awesome for people who exercise outdoors (so you won’t get those pesky sports bra tan lines), for men who don’t like any type of lotion residue on their body hair (or, um, bald spots), or to take to the beach for quick and easy application. Bonus tip: This is the ONLY spray sunscreen RAW recommends post-spray tan because it will not strip the color. (Editor’s note: If you’re down with fragrance, the Pina Colada scented one is to-die-for.)

3. COOLA Mineral Matte Finish for Face SPF 30 ($36): This is hands down my all around favorite sunscreen for everyday and the beach. Between this and a (healthy) tan, you don’t even need makeup! It glides on in seconds (making it easy to reapply at the beach) without looking or feeling greasy. Bonus tip: Leave an extra tube in your handbag for easy sunscreen application on the go for hands/neck/chest throughout the day. (Editor’s note: This is a must-have for my mug. It gives a pretty, non-greasy finish on your face and you don’t need much, so it lasts forever.)

4. COOLA Liplux SPF 30 ($12): Not only does this slide on so silky-smooth, but it super-moisturizes your delicate lips with the “unique blend of fruit butters like raspberry and avocado” while providing broad spectrum protection (UVA + UVB rays) so there’s no chance of a burned, blistery situation (not a good look).

5. Vivesana Solar to Polar Baby SPF 42 ($32): This is the only sunscreen I would put on my child. It’s as pure as it can be, long-lasting, and has the strongest, synthetic-free SPF this side of a shady tree. It is gentle, hypoallergenic, 70% organic, and 100% natural.

6. Vivesana Solar to Polar Ultra SPF 40 ($29): Out of ALL the sunscreens I’ve tested and researched over the years, this is the most pure of ’em all. It holds up in the elements, from extreme sweating during sports to exposure to salt water/chlorine/sand. I’ve never found a sunscreen that lasts this long without washing off. Not only is it the perfect carry-on size (under 3 oz.), the product doesn’t contain water so a little bit goes a long way.

All these products are available at Raw Bronzing Studio for those of you in Atlanta. For non-ATLiens, there are plenty of places under the sun to find them. COOLA locations, click here; Vivesana, click here.

Bring it, summer.

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