You know those girls who are super fit and hot, and on top of that, they’re holding down an awesome job AND a family, and on top of THAT, they’re actually genuine, nice, and fun?

It’s like, are you human?

Well get ready to meet one in real life: Cara Weaver, Witty + Pretty’s newest contributor, will be posting regularly on all things fitness and health, like the rights and wrongs of basic exercises (don’t worry, we have pictures), what the hell certain fitness crazes are about (Prancercise, anyone?), healthy eating habits (and ones you can realistically accomplish), the best tunes for your workout playlist (she knows her sh*t), workout gear no-nos (visible crotch sweat is never a good look), and much more. But before we jump into all that juicy goodness, check out her Q&A and get excited for more to come from this fierce female!

cara 1You have a rockin’ bod and we’re going to learn a lot more about how you maintain it, but in short, what’s your health mantra? And please don’t say “good genes.”  Obviously, you have that going for you. 
I believe in finding what works for YOU and finding a way to make it become a habit so you stick to it no matter what life throws at you. There are tons of great diet books and plans, workout classes, philosophies, and programs to adopt but until you really understand what your body needs and how it works on a basic scientific level, then those become a crutch that won’t hold up when you get busy or bored…which we all do!

So true. Luckily, I have found a workout I love and you just so happen to be an instructor! What’s your favorite part of being a Flywheel AND Flybarre instructor?
It’s the best job in the world…helping people get sweaty and feel really great about themselves physically and mentally!  I also really love to dance and listen to music so it is a perfect combination of my favorite hobbies.

I know you drink (or we probably wouldn’t be friends). Share your stance on booze.
I don’t take down Jager bombs or frozen daiquiris but I do love to socialize with a beverage in hand (or not socialize with a beverage in hand). I stick to red wine most always, but I like a cold light beer (in the bottle only because I’m a snob) and a clean tasting (not sour) margarita on the rocks every so often.

That’s what I like to hear. So you consult and health coach people. What is the main issue  you see people struggle with the most?
Most people are just tired of not knowing, not understanding what to eat or what “healthy” is anymore with all of the information and philosophies out there. It’s daunting! They have tried tons of books and programs but always find themselves back to their default way of eating because it is what they KNOW!  I have found that once I help them change what they know, their default way of eating becomes healthier and change naturally happens. This is the first step!

Can’t wait to get into that more. But speaking of eating…what’s your weakness? 
I have a huge weakness for granola, chocolate chip cookies, and cereal.  I can and will eat the entire bag/box in a day if it’s in my house.

Mmm, cookies. What’s on your playlist right now for working out?
I do love all types of music from oldies to hip-hop or house, but when it comes to motivating people to get sweaty, pop, hip-hop and dubstep get the room fired up and the energy booming! Right now I am listening (and teaching) to Imagine Dragons (“Radioactive“), Bruno Mars (“Treasures” remix), Skrillex, Baauer, Ludacris, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Rihanna of course!
*Check out Cara’s Spotify playlists!

Love all of it. Switching gears–what’s your favorite body part of your own?
I love my shoulders and arms, and I say that proudly after many many years hating on them (like we all do for some part of our bodies).  In high school, I had a guy tell me I was “jacked” and the weight-training coach tell me I should think about being a body builder…and I was 16 or 17!  That very day, I stopped bench pressing with the boys and didn’t touch a weight again for seven years. I hated how muscular I was and didn’t embrace it as beautiful until my mid-late 20s.
cara 2

Well you have the best arms and shoulders in town so I’m glad you embraced them! What are the main foods in your regular diet?
Every three days I hit the grocery for the following items: Lettuce, tomatoes, chicken or turkey, green pepper, rice chips or crackers, salsa, and red wine (not a food but something that requires the trip to the store and sometimes the only thing I need more of!).

It’s a necessity for sure. Aside from Flywheel/barre, what other workouts do you do?
I believe in variety, shocking your body so you don’t hit a plateau, so I try to get into as many classes around town as I can with my limited time. I opt for yoga at Atlanta Hot Yoga, Fast Twitch at The Forum, and running on the BeltLine with my dogs.

I love Fast Twitch and BeltLine running, but I’m still scared of hot yoga. Last question–I know you’re low-maintenance, but  do you have any beauty product must-haves?
This is sadly a hard one for me! My go-to is just Bare Minerals powder foundation and mascara (any brand you throw at me because I have NO idea what I am looking for). I love to get pretty, but walking into a Sephora or a beauty department  for me is like a beauty queen with an overflowing Caboodle walking into the weight room for the first time; I don’t know where to start!

We can help with that.

Stay tuned for Cara’s first post next week. And Atlanta friends: She is doing an awesome health teaching Wednesday, June 5 ($20 drop-in) if you’re interested in educating yourself and learning about how to get healthier  in a casual, non-intimidating setting. Click HERE for the details.

*Second photo courtesy of Lululemon Athletica. 

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