It’s time for another guest blog from Hayden of Pretty In My Pocket (psst, you definitely want to download the app ASAP for a sweet upcoming promo). Since we’re in the midst of festival season, she’s talking face paint; it ain’t just for kids at the carnival anymore, ladies. It’s a hip, edgy way to make you stand out while you rock out. As for me, my music festival season might just be over (My friend keeps talking about going to Bonnaroo and I’m like, “Have we met?”), but maybe I’ll rock this trend on the streets of NYC this weekend. I bet no one will bat an eye…

get your festival face on

Oh, summer: The time when corporate America actually allows itself to take a break, step outside, and enjoy an ice-cold Corona… or 12. Not only is it time to let your hair down, but it’s also the season to let that freak flag fly. If you’re a music fan (those of you with souls), you should have your calendar marked for at least one of the many music festivals that liven up the great outdoors.

Ashley’s already prepped you on the essential gear to bring. Check. But if you’re craving an extra slice of weird, why not spice up your look with a more unorthodox use of makeup? Face paint, electric eyeliner, gold star stickers, fairy dust, bright lipstick, you name it. An authentic use of cosmetics and crafts is the way to go (and you definitely won’t be the drunkest weirdest girl at the party). Here are a few go-to looks for a foolproof festival face.

starry eyed surprise





Place a few gold stars around the outer corners of your eye (avail at your local craft store). Then make those peepers pop with a thick-lined cat eye. Try Maybelline’s Lasting Drama Gel eyeliner in Blackest Black ($10). Top it off with a rouge lip like Tarte’s Lipsurgence Natural Matte Lip Stain in Fiery ($24). FYI: If you’re seeing Grace Potter (lucky you), this is a must for obvious reasons.






Metallic WAr paint




Get all tribal-like and make parallel, straight lines around your face (or above it in Drew B’s case) with metallic cream shadows. Opt for multiple colors with affordable-yet-quality NYX Cream Shadows ($5). Pair it with simple soft pink or coral lips (try Revlon’s Lip Butters, $6). And refrain from rain dances (unless you want to be a soggy, streaky mess).






floral face design





If you want bold color, Makeup Forever should be your go-to. While they’re a bit pricey, the pigment of their product is pretty much unmatched. Try the 12 Flash Color Case ($99) or Pure Pigments loose powder ($20). You’ll feel like a little kid again drawing flowery doodles and designs on your marvelous mug.





Pretty tip: Whether it’s a gold star, metallic shimmer, or colorful design, keep it around your eyes and cheekbones. Playfully frame your face with festival flare then balance it out with a colorful lip, a little bronzer, and mascara. Remember: At the end of the day, you’re surrounded by thousands of people. Many will spastically noodle their dignity away, most people won’t remember their surroundings, and there are definitely bound to be some adventurous chicas sporting that oh-so-classy butterfly paint job across their lovely lady lumps (FYI ladies, I can still see your nipples). So go ‘head with your festie self. Only Instagram, Vine, Facebook, and Twitter will be watching.


If you like beauty products/tips and haven’t downloaded Pretty In My Pocket yet, what are you waiting for, sister?

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