SexAndTheCityCartoon2Dad, if you’re reading this, step away from the computer.

Ok, now that he’s gone. This morning, I was on the The Bert Show (Atlanta’s top morning radio show, syndicated in Nashville, D.C., and six other markets) for the Women’s Panel, a no-holds barred session of lady talk, where we answered everything from how often we think about sex to how a guy can (attempt to) get out of the “friend zone” to what makes a man good AND bad in bed. We also may or may not have answered how often we “take care of ourselves” in a week…and everyone answered 100% honestly. I got to be on air with my friends Cara Weaver (yes, W+P’s fitness consultant) and Nikky Williams (you may recognize her from Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids), The Bert Show’s Kristin, plus another lovely lady, Toni Griffin, who is married with five kids and might have just been the freakiest of us all.

I was the “super single” on the panel, so I had to represent my single ladies (put your hands up!) and I hope I did you proud.

Click HERE or the image below to hear the entire bit, broken up in four parts. And the question at the top of each clip is just one of many we discussed, so get in there and listen if you want the real dirt.
bert show

Bert himself said it was the best women’s panel they’ve had, probably because we were all wasted and talking way too openly like we do at happy hour (sssh, don’t tell the station).

I’m kidding, we weren’t drunk (that I know of).

Take a listen and let me know what you think! Maybe we’ll be doing it again soon…


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