For us females, every once in a while (or once a day), we see someone’s nails on Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, or happy hour that stop us in our tracks, and we have to ask, “OMG, what color is that?!” or “Who did your nail art?”

Well yesterday, my friend Heather was in this situation and luckily, she snapped a photo exclusively for Witty + Pretty. Behold: The MAN(icure) of the Week:
manicureI must know: Who is this salad-eating, iced tea-drinking gentleman and what salon does he go to because that mani is ON POINT? Paired with an Under Armour tee (and is that a bluetooth in his hand?), this is definitely a hot look for summer. And could that polish color be Essie’s “The Girls Are Out” from the latest collection? It just might be…

I’ll admit it. I want to see his toes.


*Psst, if you see any gems like this, feel free to send my way at! 

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