dad-thanks-always-helping-fathers-day-ecard-someecardsMy dad is a certified badass. He has had his pilot’s license and a plane since he was in his twenties; used to race cars (and win); is an avid skier and travels the world to hit the slopes; kayaks (sometimes to the bar); has a motorcycle as well as an old (read: classic) Porsche, Jaguar, and Land Rover (hello, hoarder); started a successful business, sold it, and retired early during my freshman year in college (and when I came home, my first sight of him was mowing the lawn with a Guinness in hand); can drink anyone under the table; has kicked cancer’s ass; has been happily married to my mom for 34 years; can tell a dirty joke at a party that will seriously stun people; looks like The Most Interesting Man in the World (and yes, has used that to get free Dos Equis in the bar); AND most importantly, is an amazing, inspirational father to my brother and me.

From Leigh Hesseltine, I get my impatience, inappropriate sense of humor, fast and aggressive driving, drinking habits, ambition and drive to work for myself, and “above the law” attitude (he may have gotten in trouble with authority growing up more times than I have). He’s made me the person I am today, and I am so thankful my mom pinned him down and they decided to stop partying long enough to have a child (then another one).

Here’s to you, Dad. (Hopefully Mom will show you this blog entry on her iPhone while you’re boozing at the beach today since you’re too old-school for smart phones.) I love you and look up to you so much.

dad 6dad 8 copydad 8

dad 5dad 4

dad 3

And Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there (except the deadbeats). Enjoy it!

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  1. Only makes sense your dad is so badass!

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