It’s summer…and your hair knows it. Guest blogger Hayden of Pretty In My Pocket is back at it, telling us the best products to keep our hair as smooth as a Justin Timberlake tune when humidity is high (because that Friends episode still haunts us ladies who have potential for frizzy situations…)

Summer boosts several beauty benefits like a dewy glow (click HERE to make sure it’s not a sweaty glow), natural highlights, and sun-kissed skin. But one fiasco many females face in the heat is an unwanted flyaway fro. While everyone’s hair is different, we are all prone to full-on frizz or frustrating fuzz with amped up humidity in the air. Was there a flame near your head or did someone just rub a balloon on it? Let’s avoid that question, shall we? Depending how curly, coarse, dry, damaged, or fine your hair is, there are some basic ways to tame that runaway renegade hair halo.

The Wash
It starts with a solid shower routine. A key ingredient to successful taming: Moisture. Sun, salt water, chlorine, and general rough summer play can suck the life out of your hair. Shampoo and condition with products like Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner ($22). If you have fine hair, opt for a light moisturizing formula like Nexxus Hydra-Light Weightless Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner ($11). And don’t be scerred to skip days between washes! Take a volumizing dry shampoo like Marc Anthony 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo ($10) to day-old hair to pump up texture and minimize stripping your hair of its natural oils.


The Styling
Make nice with your mane. Beat-up, over-styled, over-heated locks make frizz rear its ugly head…on your pretty head. Give your hair some drank and apply an anti-frizz serum or cream like Blow Pro Weather Girl Pure Anti-frizz Serum ($22) or Josie Maran Argan Oil hair serum ($30) before blowdrying. (And always squeeze and blot the hair dry, not rub.) For finer and/or oiler hair (Wassup, strand sisters!), be cautious with serums as they can make you greasy. Always select lightweight products like Living Proof’s Weightless Styling Spray ($26) or John Frieda’s new Frizz-Ease Sheer Solution ($10) and use a minimal amount. For curly cuties, opt for a product that’ll enhance your natural texture but tame frizz like Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Enhancer ($22) or Bumble and Bumble’s Curl Conscious Calming Cream ($29). For natural, very curly/coarse, and/or unruly hair, turn to Carol’s Daughter for your strand saviors. And always remember two things: 1) When it comes to serum/oil/cream, a little goes a long way, and 2) Go light on your roots or keep it away from that region altogether if you want to skip a day or two of shampooing/styling.

When brushing wet hair, go old school and use a wide-tooth comb. When blowdrying, don’t forget all the knowledge W+P dropped on your regarding the actual dryer and boar bristle brushes. Using a concentrator on the nozzle will give you a smoother blowout, but just remember to keep the dryer moving at all times; holding it on one piece of hair for too long will fry it. If you use a lot of heating tools, try to skip a day between flat-ironing the shiz out of your tresses. As for the finishing touches, you can lightly smooth/spray on an anti-frizz shine spray like John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease Shine Glossing Mist ($6) if you have normal or drier hair (it can weigh down finer or oilier strands). Hairspray can be loaded with alcohol leaving locks dry and frizz-prone, so steer clear or use sparingly.

The Treatments
Once a week (no matter your hair type), apply a deep conditioning treatment like the indulgent Oribe Signature Moisture Masque ($59) or W+P’s favorite Recitals Mud Masque ($36) and leave in for 10 minutes. If you’re soaking up the sun a ton, use a mask like Fekkai Advanced After Sun Daily Mask ($25). This is also great for color-treated hair as it protects hair from UV rays and fading.

In short, there are several ways to tame frizz before, during, and after your wash and style sessions. Everyone’s hair is different, so take it slow when figuring out what’s best for you. Try one product at at time, and either add another step to your routine or switch it out for another product. Stay smooth, my friends.


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