When you wake up on a bachelorette weekend and hear a strange dude’s voice say, “I can’t find my pants,” you know it’s going to be a good day.

As is what happened this past Saturday morning in Vail. One of the single ladies (my hero) brought home a 25-year-old fella from the bar who we will call “Windsor.” I remembered meeting him the night before and he disclosed that he was a part-time, children’s gymnastics instructor…with no prior gymnastics experience.

I can’t even.

When I heard that Mr. Gabby Douglas was walking around the house looking for his clothes, I sprung out of bed immediately to witness this mess. I ran into him in the hallway with a towel around his waist, which was obviously amazing. And that awkward run-in happened to him about 11 more times. As he put it, “Everywhere I turn, there’s another girl.”

As Windsor attempted (unsuccessfully) to reach someone to come pick him up/bring him clothes/rescue him from 12 relentless females, our bachelorette Chesley captured the moment.

ches and winston
After this photo shoot, he asked our friend who brought him home, “What’s your name again?”

Surely he was joking…? She ignored him. Then he asked again in front of all of us, “No seriously, what is it?”

Could this possibly get any better?

Someone found him a pair of men’s swim trunks (still not sure all the details on those), and he put them on. Keep in mind he was wearing (heinous) dress shoes from a wedding rehearsal the night before, so this outfit was extra special. He was also late for a rafting trip, which meant he was going to show up to the lobby of his hotel in this getup and have to face his family and friends.

So he left. And we filmed it.

The shirtless exit. The “Should I shut the gate or not?” pause. The sprint…in dress shoes and swim trunks. This #RunOfShame was PURE GOLD.

A special acknowledgment to Chesley for thinking clearly enough through her hangover to whip out her iPhone and get this on camera. And then for reenacting it perfectly (click HERE for that gem).

No, we never found his clothes. Yes, he’s invited to the wedding, as long as he wears pants and does a tumbling routine on the dance floor.

And we’ll be sure to get it on video.


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  1. hahahahaaa!! That’s HILARIOUS. Where did his clothes go??? It could not possibly be any better. That is so awesome.

  2. This is a Kate Hudson chick flick come to life. Hmmm. OR–Plot for upcoming book?

  3. I’m at work, in my office, crying. This story is by far the best thing ever. Thank you for brightening my boring day at work!


  4. If Chesley was dedicated to her craft, she woulda done that topless.

  5. fantastic story but frankly I was more distracted by the house that y’all were decamped at — it looks INCREDIBLE. can i move there please?

  6. He is tip-toe sprinting the F out of there. I love it!!
    The Pumpkin Spot

  7. The reenactment. I can’t even.
    The whole thing is so perfect.

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