I’m surfing the Internet and my head is about to explode (and it’s not just because I read this article, which I kinda’ wish I could unread).

There are so many freaking summer sales going on right now, any fashion-loving female (or male!) would be crazy not to at least peruse (with a credit card within reach).  I went shopping at Urban Outfitters yesterday (with my dog, of course), and could not believe the amount of clothing I got for $150. I mean, I felt like I robbed them. I rushed out of there before someone could stop me and tell me they hadn’t rung up those last three items.

Anyway, here are four of the best #SuperSummerSales I’ve found:

1. South Moon Under: If you read this blog, you know this is my fave store in the universe, and they’re offering an additional 25% off sale merchandise, so items like these Rebecca Minkoff sandals and Flying Tomato maxi skirt are mucho cheapo. (And psst, enter promo code ‘ShopSMU20’ for 20% MORE off!)

2. Gap: Get on this one now! They’re having a major sale with an additional 30% off all sale items for today ONLY, and after you read my blog buddy Becky’s post about the perfect fitting shorts, you’re definitely gonna’ want those.

3. Urban Outfitters: As I mentioned earlier, when it comes to sale prices, UA has dropped theirs so low, you’d think it was a rap video. I snagged this high-low skirt for $30 and paired it with a $14 black half-top and it just might be one of my many birthday outfits. (Also, I think the prices are lower in the store than online, as I got this top for $20 in store.)

4. ShopBop: New items are being added to the sale inventory all the time, and they…are…amazing. The maxi dresses, the boyfriend jeans, the tunics; I WANT. And this jumpsuit, I can’t even. This one, too…

You want it all now, don’t you? Sorry (I’m not sorry).


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