the-white-panda-logo2Everyone is always looking for new workout and/or pre-game and/or party tunes; am I right? For example, a friend posted on Facebook the other day: “Need song suggestions for my new workout CD!”

But wait…CD? Is she finding songs on Napster and burning them onto an actual compact disc? Does she bring a Discman to the gym? I had questions.

But I digress.

I’m obsessed with the mashup DJ duo The White Panda (even more so than Girl Talk), so when I heard about their new album Bearly Legal (get it?), I actually jumped up and squealed, got it on Spotify immediately, danced around my apartment for about 10 minutes, then was like, F this, I’m taking it to the STREETS, and straight Prancercised around my neighborhood for the next hour.

Ok, so maybe I just went for a run. And when I heard “Diamond Thrones” (my fave track on this album), I busted into an “I’m such a badass” sprint.

Anyway, you can download it for free here, or if you want every White Panda song ever made, check out my playlist on Spotify (or just play it below).

Or burn it on a CD and take it to the gym. Here’s hoping it doesn’t skip when you get going on that elliptical!


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  1. White Panda is sooooo good. If you haven’t checked out DJ Cobra…he spins hot fire too.

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