It’s bikini season, yet it’s also vacation boozing and cookout season. What…a cruel joke. I have already scarfed down more hamburgers and chugged sipped more beers in a two-piece than I’d like to admit, but that’s beside the point.

Bottom line: We still gotta’ get our fitness on. And most of us want attire that makes us look cute and perform at our best. In honor of the Atlanta’s 4th of July tradition, the Peachtree Road Race, I met up with awesome blogger Donna Burke of Yoga in Heels at Atlanta Activewear to check out some of the finest running gear. And man oh man, did I find me some new sweat obsessions. And we had a little too much fun…

Protecting the store (and America).
The 4th of July will make you JUMP JUMP! (RIP Chris Kelley of Kris Kross.)

Isn’t this how you’re supposed to run?
Taking a break…because fake running is so exhausting.
IMG_2582So about the CLOTHES! My patriotic ensemble consists of the Lux bra and 3/4 gather tights by Elisabetta Rogiani and a Nux racer tank. Donna is wearing a Brooks mesh skort, Eva bra by RESE, and Elisabetta Racer Doll top. Let me just tell you about Elisabetta tights/yoga pants–they are pricey, but they are magic. They feel like a second skin, don’t give you camel toe (you totally just zoomed in on my crotch, didn’t you?), and last forever. I normally stick to black pants (I’ll only wear red skin-tights for you, Uncle Sam), and when I got my first pair of Elisabetta yoga pants this winter, I was like, wait, is that really MY butt and thighs? Not that I was arguing…


Here’s our numbers…

So, call us maybe?IMG_2603 copy
I like to close my eyes when running in the middle of the street. Gives me a thrill.
IMG_2609I am wearing the Erin tank by RESE, which is perfection if you don’t need a TON of support for your lovely lady lumps and/or you’re doing a workout with minimal running/jumping (like barre, yoga, etc.). It gives your girls a lift (who doesn’t want a little cleavage at the gym?), is ruched on the sides for ultimate slimming, and so soft. I’m also rocking my favorite running shorts of all time, the Glycerin 2-in-1 short by Brooks. These are incredible. There’s an inner BOY SHORT (not undies) which is amazingly comfy and protects from chafing on long runs (and has a hidden pocket that can fit an iPhone); the wide waistband eliminates muffin top, and they’re airy and lightweight.

Donna is wearing the RESE Annie capri with side ruching and TWO hidden pockets to fit your iPhone/iPod, the Rib Racer by Bordeaux, and Lauren bra by Bodyrock Sport. When I first saw that bra, I was like, “Wait, what is that and why is it cuter than most of my bikini tops?” Seriously, these sports bras are high-performance AND high-style.

So now that you’ve seen what chick bloggers do on the weekends, think about expanding your fitness wardrobe with some of these primo picks. All the items featured above can be found HERE.

God bless America.


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  2. Those red pants are hot! I’m not sure if you worked up a sweat fake running, but I really need to know about the butt sweat factor.

    I fear buying those red beauties, breaking a serious sweat in the heat running multiple miles, then getting home only to realize I’ve been sporting that embarrassing butt crack sweat mark all around town.

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