You know how Jennifer Lawrence is super beautiful, ridiculously talented, hilarious, beloved by the entire world, AND young, and you’re like, how is that even possible in one person?

Well this is the Jennifer Lawrence of beauty products. Suki’s Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser ($11-$33) is a triple-threat with cleaning, scrubbing, AND effervescing abilities (have you ever seen an exfoliator foam because I hadn’t?), plus it’s all-natural, AND if it gets in your mouth, it’s a tasty, lemon-y treat.suki

I know. How can it be so many things??

I use it once or twice a week and absolutely love the way it makes my skin look and feel. It adheres to the “a little goes a long way” policy more than any other product I’ve used—seriously, the 1-ounce size has lasted me months. Just a tiny bit and you’ve got two palms of foamy, grainy goodness. (Hint: Give this as a gift and you’re golden.)

And that’s not the only super Suki product. Tiffany Terranova, our skincare guru at RAW Bronzing studio, also swears by the Eye Repair Balm (“Best eye cream ever”), and Pure Facial Moisture – Nourishing (“I use this everywhere–neck, chest, hands, and face). She also says the Tinted Active Moisturizer is great for medium/fair skin, and for the body, the Delicate Hydrating Oil is “lightweight and smells amazing; I use it right after the shower on damp skin, then top it with the Velvet Moisturizing Lotion.”


If you’re in Atlanta, you can purchase the products at RAW. But if not, I highly recommend checking out Charleston Naturally because 1) New customers get 20% off with promo code NEW at checkout, 2) There’s free shipping for orders over $99, and 3) You get three FREE samples with every order.

In other words, it’s the J. Law of online beauty shopping.


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