Hello friends! Hayden here of Pretty in my Pocket; you may know me from guest posts like hot, neon lips and how not to have a frizz fro. This time around, I’m giving tips on how to land that perfect beachy hair…while Ashley is at the beach probably doing it the natural way right now (bitch). So without further adieu, let’s…

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While dolling up and getting fancy is certainly a fun perk of being female, there’s something to be said for my dad’s theory that “women dress/primp for each other.” His theory is backed by the general consensus that men prefer a more laid back, girl-next-door, I-just-casually-climbed-through-your-window (a la Joey Potter) look. Well, one of the best ways to get this unintentional sex appeal for summer is with perfectly unperfect beachy waves. If you’re not one of the lucky betches that has naturally wavy hair (gimme yo genes!), this casual look can call for a little legwork.

First, towel dry clean hair and give it one good brush (or comb) through. From this point on, try to just finger comb your hair to maintain the tossle to your tresses. Then come the magic makers…
BeachyWaves products

Mist a sea spray like Sachajuan’s Ocean Mist ($28) at the roots and midway down your strands to towel-dried hair. Sea sprays are typically light so feel free to spritz roots and strands liberally while simultaneously using your fingers to scrunch sections of your hair to your roots. You can also use a texturizing crème like Bumble and Bumble’s (un)Dressing Crème ($28) by rubbing the product in your palms and using the same method as the spray: scrunching strands up towards your scalp focusing on your roots and halfway down your hair. Whichever texturizing product you use, keep scrunching. Turn your head upside down and continue to gently weave your fingers through your hair while squeezing it upwards.

If you have thick or curly tresses, apply a moisturizing curl cream or gel like Ouidad’s Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel ($23) to ends to avoid frizz and to maintain those gentle, soft waves. Thicker, more coarse hair can take much more product than finer hair can. Finer-haired females, try and achieve this look with the most simple process possible. Overdoing it with product or styling will simply weigh your hair down or break the cuticle leaving it damaged and frizzy.

Next, either let your locks air dry or blowdry with a diffuser (on a low setting so your hair isn’t flying everywhere). Whichever one you choose, keep scrunching until hair is sufficiently dry and don’t disturb your waves by finger combing through them.

To really complete the pretty process (especially for finer-haired females like me), take a curling wand and wrap 1- to 2-inch strands of hair around the barrel and away from your face and hold for 10-15 seconds. Get that Victoria’s Secret natural wisp by holding the end of the hair and leaving that last inch uncurled. Voila! Sexy…summer…hair.

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