I do get manis on the reg (what else are you going to do after a boozy brunch?), but I actually enjoy painting my own nails, too. I love picking out a color from my collection, and I find the process to be rather relaxing and a perfect activity to do while half-watching mindless reality TV (or SATC reruns).

But the drying part? TORTURE. And it seems like no matter what, if you paint your nails at night and hit the sack even hours later, you wake up and they look busted as hell (or is that just me?). I’ve tried many a fast dry topcoat and I do like Essie’s Good To Go, but I was introduced to the BEST one recently by my NYC friend Louisa (who will eventually guest blog on this site if I have to chain her to a computer and threaten to take away her alcohol). Many of you may have already heard of Seche Vite and its world-renowned powers, but you know I like to spread the beauty booty gospel (especially when it’s an affordable drugstore item) every chance I get…
seche-vite-300It goes on smooth, dries your nails in 90 seconds (but I still like to give it a few extra minutes to be safe), and makes your at-home paint job look like a glossy salon manicure. And like any quality topcoat, it helps your polish last longer without chippage. You can find it at most drugstores or Ulta for $10ish or on less on Amazon. Even snag two bottles for cheap.

Oh, and seche vite means “dry fast” in French.

Who says this blog isn’t educational?

Au revoir,

*nail photo from Pinterest

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  1. I will definitely buy this! Thanks for the help…. if I do my nails any time after 5pm they are busted in the morning. If I had money, I’d ask you to be my personal shopper.

  2. This is TRULY the best top coat You are SO right on the money with this. No chips for dayzzzzz

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  4. I’ve been using Seche Vite for at least 10 years. It is AWESOME! Wouldn’t do my own nails without it.

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