Who doesn’t love them some exfoliation? Ahhh, that grainy goodness washing away the day–it’s like the orgasm of facial cleansing.

Wait what?

Anyway, regardless of skin type, you should exfoliate at least once or twice a week to fully cleanse your mug, slough off dead cells, and let your moisturizers/serums/etc. soak in and work their anti-aging magic. I swear by my Clarisonic for gentle exfoliating daily, my peel pads once a week, and the majestic Suki scrub from time to time. But recently, I’ve discovered (and LOVE) Buff Her exfoliating powder–all-natural goodness that you sprinkle into your cleanser for double duty scrubbing.
BuffHer Group - Courtesy of Buff HerCreated by three skin guru sisters, there are formulas for every skin type–Sweet Potato Pie works wonders for oily complexions, while Banana Bread Pudding is what dry-faced females (like myself) prefer. Combination gals, get in on that Strawberry Parfait. (Don’t worry; they’re all calorie-free.) You can even customize your own blend with help from a handy ingredient guide on the site.

Basically, I just sprinkle a quarter-sized amount into my Origins cream cleanser and gently scrub my face. It feels so goooood and doesn’t dry me out, even if I use it a few times a week. The sisters claim that you can get nearly 200 uses out of the 1.5-ounce bottles, so at $35, they’re quite a steal (and make great gifts!). One tip: If you keep your Buff Her in the shower, try not to get the uncapped bottle too wet as it can clog up the dispensing hole. If it gets clogged, just take the cap off and let it dry out for a few hours and you’ll be good to go.

And now I want some real pie. Ugh.


In Atlanta, Buff Here is available at two of my favorite beauty stores: Woo Skincare and Cosmetics and Ona. Non-Atlantans, order online! 

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