I stumbled across this Refinery 29 piece featuring SUPERmodel Cara Delevingeineilenlegne on the cover of a mag claiming to be wearing #NoMakeup, and when I read the comments, I was seriously disgusted.
Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 2.34.51 AMOk, children; pipe down. CLEARLY there is a filter or some sort of photo editing happening here. Anyone with eyes can see that, so pointing that out just makes you seem like one of those dumbasses who state the obvious like it’s a revolutionary revelation (“OMG, I love Instagram, because it’s just like, Photoshop, but it’s like, NOT Photoshop, you know?”).

As for LadyHater Tary and LadyHater Angela bashing Cara’s comical expressions, which she is known for: Could you gals be any more transparent (read: jealous)? She is so successful, beautiful, and (seemingly) down to earth that you’re just desperately grasping for something to criticize. You’re probably the same people who were just critiquing models for NEVER smiling like, last week. Also, Angela: You got in trouble by your mom for making funny faces when you were a child? That sounds like something you might want to talk to a therapist about.

Next up:

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 2.34.59 AM
Really LadyHater Dannie? A soapbox about models driving a “charade of perfection that driving depression, insecurity and self hatred in women.”? Girl, just stop. And pick something else to hone in on, like a model or actress’s BODY that has clearly been photoshopped to make her look like she has a 14-inch waist and thighs as wide as a normal person’s wrists. Because that’s an actual issue. I doubt this funny, filtered photo is going to give any teen girl a complex.

As for this ridiculous person (I can’t even…)
Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 2.35.04 AMUgly? Really? Come on, now. Take a break from your Internet trolling and cartoon watching and do something worthwhile: Make a friend, pet a puppy, go for a run, drink some vodka, eat some fro-yo. Also, learn to spell.

And for the record, Cara probably ISN’T wearing any makeup–if you know anything about makeup, you can see that this is a natural look just punched up with some color editing. And if she is, why does that give these girls justification to act like complete cunts? And making fun of MODELS? Come on, ladies. At least get creative with your Internet trash talk.

On a more serious note, women hating on women (ESPECIALLY for anything appearance-wise) is not cool. We should be building each other up, not cutting each other down. (Except in cases when they act like the ladies above, in which case, you’re allowed to reprimand their ACTIONS like I have just demonstrated.)

Now go tell a girlfriend/co-worker/random chick on the street she looks pretty.


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  1. So bashing the bashers makes you better than them? Certainly not a witty or pretty post today.

    • Well Lauren, that is quite an easy statement to make and I was prepared for someone to say it. I am certainly “bashing” these women’s ACTIONS because I think they are unacceptable and hate-filled. That is quite different than commenting on an Internet article, calling someone “ugly” and saying you “can’t stand her” when you don’t even know the person. I hope you can see the distinction.

  2. You’re clearly very upset by all this. I hope you are able to recover from this terrible injustice and enjoy the weekend!

  3. Feels like people just need to have something to say. Always. About everything. Not every article or post requires a comment from all who pass. Some people just hate on everything. That is a reflection on them. I’m glad you brought this up.


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