Don’t worry, friends and faithful (or occasional) readers: This blog isn’t turning into a running photo montage of me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t know how those fashion bloggers do it. Most workdays, I’m in workout pants and a sports bra with a disheveled ponytail and no makeup. Fellas, try to contain yourselves.

But I did new head shots with an aspiring photographer friend, Jamie Annarino, and her work was just too fab not to share. We had a blast at Drybar, where most of the photos are taken, then at King + Duke, where we snapped a few on the patio before I had to say “AND THAT’S A WRAP!” because I physically couldn’t smile any more. Check them out, and if by chance you dig my makeup and/or hair, I’ve provided my camera-ready regime at the bottom.

Blowout + bubbly. #BigHairDontCare
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Obviously, no photo shoot is complete without GLAMOUR SHOTS…and tequila shots. (Not pictured: Tequila shots.)
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King + Duke with Buckhead in the background. I ♥ ATL.IMG_8977CS, MD copy
And now, the products (and I did do my own makeup):

camera ready
1. Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream in light/medium ($20-$39 depending on size) + Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in warm beige 3.5 ($42): I’ve never been a heavy foundation type of gal, so my genius-magician makeup girl, Julie at Woo, recommended this winning combo. Slap a light layer of the BB cream on your face (a little goes a long way), then fill in areas where you need a little more coverage (around the chin, nose, any uneven/blotchy areas). Then you can throw the foundation stick (also a product that lasts forev) in your bag for touchups.

2. Make Up For Ever Microfinish HD Powder ($16-$34): No matter your skin type (even if it’s the driest of the dry like mine), you should brush on finishing powder if you’re gonna’ get your picture made. I wear it every time I do my makeup (after BB cream/foundation/concealer but before blush and bronzer) just so I never have to worry about a shiny T-zone situation. I like this Make Up For Ever powder, but the packaging isn’t the best (it gets everywhere), so after it’s finished, I’ll probably switch to Too Faced or something else with rave reviews. Click HERE for more info on the best finishing powders!

Drybar Buttercup blowdryer ($190) + L’oreal Volume Elevation serum-gel ($18ish): I do like the Dybar blowdryer and the stylists have told me (in confidence) that it’s definitely a high-quality, powerful tool for fast-drying, great-looking locks. It is pricey and I still stand by my Twin Turbo for $90-$100, but you truly cannot beat the cuteness of the Buttercup. L’oreal’s Volume Elevation is the product I always behest at Drybar. It creates incredible volume (and extra thickness for finer-haired females) without any crunchiness or greasy product buildup.


4. Urban Decay Lush Lash Mascara (DUH best mascara ever; read why here, $20), Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie (here’s the full shtick on that stick, $6), and my favorite Essie color, Watermelon ($8).

If you’re wondering about the pink top, it’s Jenni Kayne and there’s one left on Les Nouvelles for $75 (it’s one of my favorite staples in my wardrobe). As for the lace gloves…those are my little secret.


If you’d like to contact Jamie about photography, email her at She is so fab, talented, fun to be around, and can make anyone feel at ease. In addition to people, she also shoots food/drinks, interiors, products, etc.

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  1. You’re the first person I’ve seen leave DryBar with a good hair do. Never had success there. Hair and make up look FAB. Loving that last shot of you!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  2. Stunning! But we really want to see the tequila shots:)

  3. How fun! Would you believe I’ve never had a day of hair/makeup/photoshoot like that? Time to add to the life list. 🙂 The last shot is outstanding! And ps – we may have a mascara debate on our hands. DiorShow? My go-to!

  4. How fun are Glamour Shots! I did them once back before I was married… sheesh do they look campy now but yours look fantastic!

  5. […] I’ve been loving the results! Here’s the order I fix up my face in: BB cream + Bobbi Brown foundation stick + under eye concealer on first, THEN dust the finishing powder on my T-zone (including chin), THEN […]


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