des-cries-4-1375148192Well, that was brutal. Our season 367 bachelorette Des admitted she was in love with one guy and one guy only (or at least that’s what ABC editing led us to believe) and he dumped her…

…during the Final 3 week.

…in Antigua.

…before they even got to the fantasy suite.

Breakups suck. Breakups on national television suck even more. Telling someone you love them for the first time AFTER they break up with you and they STILL want to stay broken up with you: That sucks more than a porn star with a Dyson.

But I commend Brooks for being true to himself and expressing his feelings, especially before boning down on a rose petal-covered bed (because you know Des was ready to get busy). And he wasn’t just “in it to win it”….unless he’s trying to win next season’s Bachelor title.

As for the bachelorette, I commend her for clearly wearing waterproof mascara (I didn’t see a trace of raccoon eyes during her meltdown!).

So what is she going to do now?! She has poetry writing snoozer Chris, no-way-in-hell-is-he-straight Drew, and of course, her rapey brother, because we all know he’s in love with her.

Me? I’d call it quits on the husband search and make ABC pay to keep me in Antigua for at least another two weeks…and fly in Juan Pablo with a suitcase of tanning oil and Trojans.

juanThank me later, Des.


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  1. Love that you are blogging this season lady!

    xx! – Lauren/PRBlonde

  2. I thought the drama was gonna be Drew coming out if the closet and running off with her rapey brother.

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