“Chanel handbags are overrated…”

….says the people who can’t afford them.

I kid, I kid. Well not really.

I’m definitely not dropping two Gs or more on a quilted Chanel pocketbook right now (or maybe ever), especially now that I’ve discovered Rebecca Minkoff’s new Mini Affair Diamond Quilt bag. Remember how hot the M.A.C. and mini M.A.C. were (and still are)? Well this is the M.A.C.book 2.0, so upload it onto your fall lust list (or holiday wish list if you can wait that long).

I do love the full-size Affair ($395), but the baby one is just so perfect for partying, plus it’s much more affordable at $195. It’s compact and cute, yet has plenty of room for all your essentials (cell phone, lip gloss, credit card, Plan B). And it comes in an array of cool colors (look at that bronze beauty).

And that’s why you might agree…

rebecca minkoff mini affair


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